Clicked sometime in 2009 in Oslo, Norway this is a band metal band from Germany called Obscura. I shot the picture for an interview with Rock Street Journal about their experiences and each of them mentioned that they practiced close to 14 hours a day on their respective instruments. They destroyed the stage at the Inferno Metal Festival that night and earned a new fan in me. Commitmentandpractice J2E Mciindiakickoff @Mciindiakickoff @mciindialive
@mciindialive J2E @Mciindiakickoff Mciindiakickoff This picture is of someone who pushed the boundaries of what an Indian Independent Musician can achieve from being signed by an independent record label in the UK to being actually invited to tours in the United States and Europe this guy has done it all. He has also collaborated with the likes of Marty Friedman of Megadeth. The picture was clicked in the parking lot of Shahpurjat and one the many walls that the RSJ office was neighbouring. The bird in the picture just happened to fly by and we got lucky. Everyone should listen to the music this guy makes. Follow him @keshavdhar.
@mciindialive @Mciindiakickoff J2E Mciindiakickoff Excellence comes in many forms. This one is dedicated to every metal fan for their passion and their madness. @rahulonthedrums Inferno rignes times.
This is the great Jimmy Bower. Multi Instrumentalist seen here playing with EYEHATEGOD at the Inferno Metal Festival, Oslo also plays with one of my favorite bands called Down. Not many of us really think about how Hurricane Katrina not only destroyed and took away the life of New Orleans but also shook the foundations of the music Fraternity. New Orleans is famous for the blues and jazz but also Sludge Metal. Jimmy Bower is often regarded as the godfather of Sludge metal. He is the embodiment of a belief that is resilience and metal. To me metal is excellence. @Mciindiakickoff J2E Mciindiakickoff @mciindialive @jimmybowerpower thank you.
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@mciindialive Mciindiakickoff J2E Paddleagainsttheflow the truest path to excellence.
@mciindialive Mciindiakickoff J2E Paddleagainsttheflow excellence is when you figure out you're more than you perceive yourself to be. Your being is stronger than everything else. You're the only resource you need to succeed.
Repost @vishaldsouza with @repostapp ・・・ Journey2excellence has many ingredients; my learning's has is thanks to my favorite sport - Field Hockey; my coach, my team, my mentors - Late Uncle Bernard @peterpbernard, Michael and Aamir Bernard. It's taught me Collaborate TeamworkMakesTheDreamWork Patience Respectforothers Perseverance Fairplay Followyourdreams ..... Mciindiakickoff Mciindialive
Repost @zaradsouza with @repostapp ・・・ This pic was taken on the way to a Fireflies Music Festival . These strong Women are my universe and my wheel of Life ! "Beautiful souls spinning separately in perfect harmony" This to me is Excellence at work! Love Beauty Friends Travel Art J2E Mciindiakickoff @mciindialive
Repost @gangadharanvineeth with @repostapp ・・・ As important as individual drive and initiative is, excellence at work hinges significantly on the ability of a team to be happy at each other's success. J2E Mciindiakickoff Roadtogoa @mciindialive
Excellence can't start if you don't pay tribute to people who respect love and admire you without inhibition or judgement. Parents my mom and dad who have always let me be who I wanted to be get my million tattoos buy me shoes so I could play basketball buy me music when I needed took me to concerts and taught me how to appreciate music and value sound and culture and people. My dearest sister who has been the epitome of excellence since birth always the intellectual I don't know how many of you have seen the ambhuja cement khali ad she was a part of the team that made it. My dearest friend and confidante of 18 years great comedian and a better friend and a practicing lawyer. My dog who taught me the value of patience and love and lastly my wife who has always put up with all the nonsense moved with me to an alien city without question put my needs before hers. To be surrounded by excellence everyday is the greatest blessing. J2E Mciindiakickoff @Mciindiakickoff @mciindialive @advabhinav @27radhika @mandakini take a bow people.
@mciindialive J2E Mciindiakickoff This is Marten Hagstrom from Meshuggah. One of the most prolific metal guitar players I have had the pleasure of working with and seeing live. The perseverance and dedication he and the band bring to stage define excellence.