Seeing a lot of these in Southern Utah RustBeltRoadTrip2015 Urbanexploration Urbex Abandoned Jimplicit RuralExploration Ruins Rurex Abandonedplaces Utah
Rolling Acres RustBeltRoadTrip2015 Rust Ruins Abandoned Deadmall Urbanexploration Urbex Urbandecay Rollingacres Roadtrip Derelict
Beautiful post office RustBeltRoadTrip2015 Rustbelt GaryIndiana Postoffice Usps Abandoned Urbex Urbanexploration Roadtrip Indiana Gary
Asphalt plant RustBeltRoadTrip2015 Urbanexploration Urbex Illinois Ruins Rust RuralExploration Rurex Roadtrip Abandoned
Boulder City used to have an airport. Who knew? Abandoned Airport Bouldercity Nevada Urbanexploration Urbex Abandonedplaces RustBeltRoadTrip2015 Roadtrip Jimplicit
Cleveland rocked my world Observatory Abandoned Cleveland Ohio Urbanexploration Urbex Ruins Roadtrip RustBeltRoadTrip2015 Rustbelt Warnerandswasey Clevelandrocks Jimplicit Placesthatwere Rurex RuralExploration
Goodbye LA! See you in a month. Hello open roads and abandoned places! RustBeltRoadTrip2015 Urbanexploration Urbex Roadtrip Abandonedplaces Ruins Ghosttowns Rurex RuralExploration Abandoned Rustbelt
I've wandered into some strange labyrinth. Haven't run into David Bowie yet. Abandoned Urbanexploration Urbex Detroit Michigan Ruins Rust Roadtrip RustBeltRoadTrip2015 Rustbelt
Osiris Creamery Day 2 of RustBeltRoadTrip2015 is off to an amazing start. Abandoned RuralExploration Rurex Ruins Utah Countryboy Urbex Urbanexploration Roadtrip Decay Osiris Dairy Creamery Roadtrip Gaycountryboy
I don't know what it's supposed to be used for, but it looks painful. RustBeltRoadTrip2015 Rust Urbanexploration Urbex Abandoned RuralExploration Rurex Mining Colorado Roadtrip
RustBeltRoadTrip2015 Rustbelt GaryIndiana Unionstation Abandonedtrainstation Abandoned Urbex Urbanexploration Roadtrip Indiana Gary
The abandoned slaughterhouse was horrifying. I never want to see inside a functioning one. RustBeltRoadTrip2015 Nebraska Slaughterhouse Urbanexploration Urbex Rurex RuralExploration Abandoned Ruins Meatpacking Roadtrip Vegetarian Vegan Cows Rust Horror Meathook
Spray can holder? Whoever designed this building really thought of everything. Abandoned Urbex Urbanexploration Urbandecay Roadtrip Ruins Michigan Detroit RustBeltRoadTrip2015 Rustbelt
Cement Factory RustBeltRoadTrip2015 Urbanexploration Urbex Illinois Ruins Rust RuralExploration Rurex Roadtrip Abandoned Cement Abandonedfactory
Lights are on, but no one's at school. RustBeltRoadTrip2015 Rustbelt Urbanexploration Urbex Wisconsin Abandonedschool Abandoned Ruins Newberlin Newberlin
It appears something's gone terribly awry at Longmont Sugar Mill. RustBeltRoadTrip2015 RuralExploration Rurex Roadtrip Longmont Colorado Ruins Urbex Urbanexploration Jimplicit Abandoned Decay
Awesome view of Denver from Stapleton control tower RustBeltRoadTrip2015 Urbex Abandoned Urbanexploration Stapleton Denver Colorado Roadtrip Jimplicit Ruins Airport Abandonedairport
Gilman was incredible. RustBeltRoadTrip2015 Ruins Urbanexploration Urbex Abandoned RuralExploration Rurex Miningtown Gilman Colorado Roadtrip Ghosttowns
Abandoned Devil's Nest ski lift Abandoned Urbanexploration Urbex Skilift Nebraska Abandonedplaces Jimplicit RustBeltRoadTrip2015 Placesthatwere Rurex Ig_abandoned Ig_urbex Tv_urbex Urbandecay Ruins All_is_abandoned
Disorder in the court RustBeltRoadTrip2015 Rustbelt Detroit Michigan Roadtrip Urbex Urbanexploration Abandoned Asylum Northville Northvillepsychiatrichospital Abandonedasylum
Finishing up my epic Rust Belt road trip with my first gallery showing. RustBeltRoadTrip2015 Roadtrip Ruins Saltonsea Abandoned Beach Salt Urbanexploration Urbex RuralExploration Rurex Placesthatwere California Jimplicit Photo Gallery
RustBeltRoadTrip2015 Rustbelt GaryIndiana Horacemann Abandonedschool Abandoned Urbex Urbanexploration Roadtrip Indiana