Making it count

Tell me I was the warmest place you knew ... Barns Barn Inside And Out Better Together Keep On Keeping On Going The Distance Making It Count Unconditional Love With You Its Different To Be Continued... Photography Today Yesterday Tomorrow -always Love And Light Boys Have Cooties-the Boys Need To Keep Their Distance Head Strong Love You Hard Signs Signs Everywhere Signs Come To Me Surrounded You With Love EyeEm Gallery Non-illegitimi Carborundum I Feel You Windows Of My World I Adore You  Eye4photography
Working Out Freestyle Making It Count Nothing Is Impossible Unstoppable Resist
You weren't the warmest place I knew; you ARE the warmest place I KNOW. The fire burns - always! Fire Eye4photography  EyeEm Gallery Keep On Keeping On Big Dreams Soul Work Going The Distance Not Letting Go  Making It Count Dreamtime Visits Non-illegitimi Carborundum Every Minute, Every Second DreamersBelieveInDreamers I Adore You  With You Its Different Better Together Taking Photos To Be Continued... Today Yesterday Tomorrow -always Windows Of My World Can't Come To You If I'm Already There As There As I Can Be She Taught Me More Than She Could Imagine Feeling Strong My Pot Of Gold
Loving you comes easy... Eye4photography  Non-illegitimi Carborundum Surrounded You With Love Today Yesterday Tomorrow -always Photography Keep On Keeping On Unconditional Love Making It Count Right Here With Me Not Letting Go  Big Dreams My Treasure Holding Strong Prince Islands No Doubts About It! I Believe In You EyeEm Nature Lover EyeEm Best Shots - Landscape I Feel You Windows Of My World Love You Hard Dream Visitations Love And Light Twin Flames Sunset
The things in this world most worth keeping safe are not things. Locks My Locks Treasure Chest Happy 25!! So Beautiful  EyeEm Gallery Keeping The Faith Eye4photography  Illusion Of Time And Space Happy Anniversary! Dreamtime Visits Windows Of My World Lovely Pic! Thank You Sincerely Signs Signs Everywhere Signs Working Hard Inspired Daily Going The Distance Feeling You Close Keeping On Keeping On To Be Continued... Making It Count My Pot Of Gold Don't Ever Doubt Soul Work Non-illegitimi Carborundum
The clouds rolled in more like surf on a sandy beach than weather in a valley. Clouds And Sky Weather The Weather We Will Eye4photography  Inspired Daily Soul Work So Beautiful  EyeEm Gallery Big Dreams Taking Photos Familiar Places Same Place, Different Time. Keeping The Faith Keep On Keeping On Illusion Of Time And Space Signs Signs Everywhere Signs Dreamtime Visits Feeling You Close Going The Distance Making It Count Windows Of My World Photography Non-illegitimi Carborundum Don't Ever Doubt To Be Continued... Feeling Strong
Time isn't linear, it goes in loops like the hands of a clock... Inspired Daily Time Illusion Of Time And Space EyeEm Gallery Perspectives Dreamtime Visits Taking Photos Eye4photography  DreamersBelieveInDreamers Time Flies Like An Arrow, But Fruit Flies Like A Banana Signs Signs Everywhere Signs Big Dreams She Taught Me More Than She Could Imagine Happy Anniversary! To Be Continued... Hope Springs Eternal Keeping On Keeping On Perfect Timing Endure To The End Keeping The Faith Soul Work Don't Ever Doubt My Pot Of Gold Making It Count Not Letting Go
She became one of the key characters in the story of my life. An unexpected plot twist that had made the story so much deeper and sweeter, and the story will continue... Keys Writing Machine  Antique Vintage Semicolon Soul Work To Be Continued... What A Beautiful Story! Don't Ever Doubt Non-illegitimi Carborundum Feeling Strong Photography Windows Of My World Making It Count Keeping On Keeping On Going The Distance I Miss Our Talks I Miss You Like Crazy! My Treasure Feeling You Close Inspired Daily Working Hard Signs Signs Everywhere Signs Eye4photography  Dreamtime Visits