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I love how the tree grew around the rocks Treetrunks Riverrock GrowTogether Gooutside Exploreyourworld Americanriver Sacramento Norcal Beautifulnorcal
Rocks in the trunk of a fallen tree Riverrock Treetrunks Fallentree Americanriver Sacramento Gooutside Beautifulnorcal Norcal
So green... Green Riverweeds Norcal Beautifulnorcal Gooutside Lookdown Redbluff Sacramentoriver
Another Beautifulnorcal sunset. SkyPics Cloudpics Manufacturedsunsets Chemtrails Lookup Unnaturalbeauty Chemclouds Whatthefuckaretheyspraying
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Poofy little cloud SkyPics Cloudpics Lookup Norcal Beautifulnorcal Gooutside Diversiondam Redbluff Sacramentoriver
Without their leaves you can really see how twisted and gnarled the branches are. Mightyoaks Leafless Wintertrees Sacramentoriver Redbluff Norcal Beautifulnorcal Treepics Sunburst
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