A Close Up from the Minister & VIP's views. ConfessionOfAHustler KLPAC ComposersSeries Rap HipHopMenang . Hahaha.
ConfessionOfAHustler KLPAC ComposersSeries Thanks to those who're involved, y'all were awesome. Brahhh!!!
Np - Confession of a Hustler by myself feat. @eryngani. Hahaha, dengar lagu sendiri. ConfessionOfAHustler FreakOnALeash SleezyMoss .
ConfessionOfAHustler . The new gamelan version of this song will be premiered in Indonesia. Insya' Allah. SleezeUp .
@eryngani recorded the hook part for ConfessionOfAHustler .
Tune's Studio. ConfessionOfAHustler 's recording session with @eryngani as my vocalist. Once i'm done with this then it's only thesis left to be done. Hustler Hustle Finalsemester My Lasthurrah .
ConfessionOfAHustler : Additional sound samples & effects editing process.
With the talented @eryngani. TQ again for singing the hook part of my composition. ConfessionOfAHustler MusicProduction Composer RapEmcee Singer  Opéra .
ConfessionOfAHustler ComposersSeries KLPAC Uitm 2013 & 2012 . Same song, different arrangement. Throwback .
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