Congratulations on your engagement my brotha' @qifuat.spm. Tobleghon LeRonggengs RonggengMau VincePerlukanCahayaUntukNampakCerah AliffKatMana IkaShenwayLegun TitiShoishers .
Friends . We've found and lost a friend each and we didn't realize it for ourselves. But these are the people who I thank God the most cause mostly everything I'm with them, we been through a lot of fond memories together. Although that we came from different background, different places, different interest in musical genres but we still manage to laugh, share our stories and talk about stuffs. This would probably be a new beginning to us since we all have our own things to be done with our own plans and most of us have choose which path to go now so till our next meeting my friends, have a pleasant day and Happy New Year to all. Peace. CongratulationsJamey JameyXdInstagram LeRonggengs RonggengMau AliffKatMana ? Photogrid .
This could be our last farewell for now. Till next time my friend, prove all your doubters wrong. JameyFollowBackTapiTakApproveRequest AkuIkaZenKot VinceAlwaysMissing AliffKatMana TitiMIA LeRonggengs RonggengMau Photogrid .