View from the Osaka Station City - the Umeda Sky Building. You can't truly tell from that angle but there is a giant hole in it. OSAKA Candjsbigtrip2014 Vscocam VSCO Architecture
How we spent our last day in Japan - Osaka Castle. OSAKA Candjsbigtrip2014 Castlesarecool VSCO Vscocam
Bamboo forest in Sagano. Kyoto Trees Nature Candjsbigtrip2014 VSCO Vscophile Vscojapan Travelling Travelandleisure @travelandleisure
The Kama Gawo river in Kyoto. Candjsbigtrip2014 Kyoto Beautiful Goldenhour Vscocam
A man and his camera have been one with each other this trip. Candjsbigtrip2014 OSAKA Japan Traveling VSCO Vscocam
@master_splinternet captures King Rama II on our first night in Bangkok. The moon happened to be playing a game of hide n seek with us that night. Travel Thailand Bangkok Vacation Candjsbigtrip2014 Canon @canonusa Instashot Nocrop
@master_splinternet and I have decided to make this our home 😏 btw, what you can't see is the beautiful waterfall behind me. Heaven Amazing Chiangmai Thailand Candjsbigtrip2014 VSCO Vscocam Been There.
Beautiful. Candjsbigtrip2014 Tokyo
Probably the most beautiful beach I've been to in my life - Railey Beach. Candjsbigtrip2014 Krabi Raileybeach Thailand Thailandluxe Longboats Travel Vacation Afterlight Vscocam Vscophile VSCO @travelandleisure
Crepe crepe in downtown Kyoto. Foodinmyface Yum Kyoto Candjsbigtrip2014 The Street Photographer - 2017 EyeEm Awards
Look @eodinblackroot, a secret Toraifōsu hidden at a temple in the bamboo forest. Candjsbigtrip2014 Zeldaeverywhere Zelda Temple Sagano Kyoto