Swing Bridge

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Darkness closes in, my thoughts they turn to sin. The shadows are my domain, I dare you to come on in. See how long you last, while the beast hunts your ass. The darkness offers me peace and tranquility, where nothing seems to bother me. Because I can deside to hide or play, it's up to me at the end of the day. So bring on the darkness my dearest friend, so my daylight nightmares can come to an end... My Pic My Poem Bridge Sunset Silhouettes Sunrise_sunsets_aroundworld
It isn't reality that bites your ass, but the reflection of your thoughts of how it should be that does...... Getting Inspired Reflection Water Reflections Reflection_collection Photography HTC_photography Words Of Wisdom Bridges Newcastle Upon Tyne Reflected In Water
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darkness falls.... HTC_photography Eye4photography  Sunset Silhouettes Light In The Darkness
Enjoying Life
Dusk was falling as he stood on the edge of the bridge looking out over the still water. Quiet contemplation of the jump, there was no fear of jumping, just the thoughts of the consequences of his actions. It was a long way down and his adrenaline was beginning to pump, he was hanging on to the ledge with a vice like grip. People all around where trying to help him, as he leaned forward again and looked long and hard at the freezing called water. Was he really ready for this? There was a few people relying on him, could he possibly let them down after all they had done for him? He was wracked with so many emotions right now. He lent forward and slowly unclenched his fingers, he was falling picking up speed as his body hurtled toward the water. He never felt so alive as he whizzed towards his death....................................................... Then he felt it, the bungey cord caught hold and slowed his decent before he was shot back into the air again. What a feeling of exhilaration, he couldn't believe he'd just done that...... Sunset Bridges Swing Bridge Newcastle Upon Tyne Don't Jump Eye4photography  Htc One M8 Photography My Story Fictional Writing Story Time
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