Ducks on pond

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Colour Of Life "As I was getting closer to them, the ducks went swimming in the pond. I guess they don't like me! 🌳 At The Park Nature On Your Doorstep Ducks On Pond No Edit, No Filter, Just Photography EyeEm Best Shots Nature_collection Eyeemphotography Trees And Nature Week On Eyeem EyeEm Gallery not my First Eyeem Photo Nature Photography Eye4photography  Best Eyeem Pics No Need To Escape, Im In Wonderland! The Purist (no Edit, No Filter) Tree Porn Water Reflections Natural Beauty From My Point Of View Nature Porn Through My Eyes Photo Of The Day in Sacramento, California
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Cliché With A Twist With this edit and new category I'd like to invite you to experiment with edits of photographs that you wouldn't perhaps think of posting normally. Maybe because, although you like it, you're concerned about the opinion of the "Cliché Mafia" ...I think maybe the brilliant Catherine Opie started it all with her intimidating quote: "The biggest cliché in photography is sunrise sunset" ...this, in my opinion, is part art snobbery & part valid point. Another cliché is 'Ducks on Pond' Here I have combined two "clichés" in one shot! (Does that cancel out the cliché element?) 😂 please feel free to post your photography/art clichés in this category. 👉 Cliché With A Twist you can treat it as a challenge or a bit of fun. Getting Inspired Getting Creative Ducks On Pond Sunset_collection Cliche's Enjoying Life It's Cold Outside Tadaa Community Streamzoofamily EyeEm_crew EyeEm Gallery EyeEm Best Edits Winter Sunset Check This Out EyeEm Nature Lover Taking Photos EyeEm Best Shots Stand Out From The Crowd Golden Hour Showcase: January All That Glitters Ain't Gold Water Reflections
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