i don't really want to speak on what this is ..who dat is or what im signing and why. but i did want to capture and share this proud moment with everyone who cares. I have the Malta with me because its a move my father would be proud of. .and so besides his Jewels (I pronounce that Joo Wells) on my wrist, walking with the Malta make me feel like he wit me. I havent had a Malta in years... All i could say is today, the game got real. oh, and here to report that im still being treated "less than" in here. maybe its not cuz im a young black man. maybe its because I walked in here with a malta looking like I Pimped The System. any way, not bad for a boy from East Flatbush... WeSitAtBigTables Thestressofsuccess Ineedamassageafterthis BigPeopleParty Bigthingspoppin LookMaIMadeit Contractsandstuff EastFlatbush Ipulleditoff HomeTownBoyMakesGood PanamanianGold Guyanagold Maltaindia Malta Maltaindia RevolutionNeedsResources FreeTheLand