Capturedbyvictorious Now... in Technicolor... somewhere in Brooklyn.. Makelemonade Naturebeautiful Deadhomies Stopandsmelltheflowers Snowbirds Canon5dmarkiii Lastnightonearth Cemetaryshots Pleasedontsteal Toolateisntit Itsallintheeyeschico
Bilal Capturedbyvictorious . Nopresspass as usual... so I was asked to leave as soon as I pulled out the 2470mm .. security nor the promoter believed I was NOT taking these shots for a major pub. I was able to get 8 shots in.. IShootBlackAndWhite and shots 1-3 were pure basura this is shot 4 . I like live music photography because with the smoke, the lights, the movement ? You really have to know your camera.. you have to learn the artist's rhythm. .you have to have good reaction time.. you have to "get lucky" .. and shooting monochrome? Smh but Blackandwhiteisworththefight Bilal Lastnightonearth Monochromeporn Canon5dmarkiii Livemusicphotographer Itsallintheeyeschico
Capturedbyvictorious - The Light loves Singer @melamachinko and so does the eye. Photo Exhibit soon come. Lastnightonearth BrooklynBlues Nowforthehashtags Monochromeporn Canon5dmarkiii Naturallightphotographer IShootBlackAndWhite Itsallintheeyeschico Naturalhairdaily Blackphotography Canonporn Blackwomenrock Blackandwhiteisworththefight Blackgirlsrock Livemusicphotography Capturedbyvictoriousdecosta Grapegate MonochromePhotography Naturalista
Cooking something up.. taking it back to the true school.. Repairgoals Cinematographyporn Kodakreflex Nofilmschool AlwaysBeShooting Independenceisalifestyle Igfilms Studyyourcraft Kodakeastman Itsallintheeyeschico Capturedbyvictorious Whatareyoureading Peepmycarpet
Capturedbyvictorious I take them emotionally... Itsallintheeyeschico but it is also my Healingmagic It's been 5 years and I still cant look at a bathroom sink the same... last night I found it tough to power through. for the first time, I sat and spoke to the energy and idea of him that lives within me. (No he didnt talk back lmaoo) at least not in the classic sense. But last night I did a whole lot of forgiving of myself.. Movingon Heartstillbroken Healingmagic Blackandwhiteisworththefight IShootBlackAndWhite Lastnightonearth MonochromePhotography Faucet
Somewhere in East New york. Feeling myself a bit. Art is all around.. but sometimes you have to push it along to see it. YO close my door. Capturedbyvictorious Itsallintheeyeschico Lastnightonearth IShootBlackAndWhite Grafflife Blackandwhiteisworththefight JamesBaldwin WhyWeWrite Monochromeporn Streetart Snowstorm2016