Trumpet !?! 🎺 Sofiavicchi Sofiavicchiconceptdesign Rinascimento Medioevo Medieval Renaissance Costume Folk Folklore Romagna Paliodelniballo Nottdebiso2015 Music Portrait Color Portrait
The Photojournalist - 2016 EyeEm Awards Sons of immigrants livin' in Faenza enjoy their time at the Palio del Niballo parade. The medieval Competition takes place on The last Sunday of June and attracts folks from overseas either as spectators or as partecipants in the défilé 🇮🇹 Sofiavicchi Sofiavicchiconceptdesign Bnw Paliodelniballo Romagna Immigrants Folks Parade Hanging Out Streetphotography Street Streetphoto_bw
Here Belongs To Me sbandieratori of Rione Rosso train Downtown at the Post Bureau in Faenza Sofiavicchi Sofiavicchiconceptdesign Renaissance Paliodelniballo Romagna Medioevo
Burning Winter away 📷 Sofiavicchi Sofiavicchiconceptdesign Nottdebiso2015 Paliodelniballo Folklore Folk Fire Romagna Inverno Bynight Hanging Out