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Benvenutocellini Perseoconlatestadimedusa Loggiadeilanzi Piazzadellasignoria Manierismo Firenze Florence Italia Italy Arte Art Scultura Sculpture Eye4photography  EyeEm Best Shots EyeEm EyeEmBestPics EyeEm Gallery Eyeemphotography Toscana Tuscany To look Medusa in the eye is to find oneself face to face with the beyond in its dimension of terror, to cross the look with the eye that not ceasing to fix you is the denial of the look, to welcome a light whose blinding glare is that of the night. (Jean-Pierre Vernant) Perseus turning Phineas and his Followers to Stone Luca Giordano Andromeda was betrothed to Phineas, until Perseus rescued her from a sea monster and it was agreed she would marry him instead. At the wedding celebrations Phineas and his followers burst in to attack Perseus, who unveiled the severed head of the gorgon, Medusa, and turned them to stone. The subject comes from Ovid's 'Metamorphoses'. Over three and a half meters wide, it is really impressive .. a great masterpiece cared for in every detail .. if you look closely you can see the details, Giordano boldly illustrates the moment of the transformation of Fineo and his men: they are assuming a gray color, starting from the head and from the hands, before our eyes. Even if we did not know the story, we would have no doubt in identifying the hero. Dressed in the purest blue of the painting, he is the only person portrayed frontall England HERO Painting Museum Mythology Blue Medusa War Perseo E La Medusa Perseoconlatestadimedusa Giordano People Art Beauty Beautiful Jellyfish Jelly Fish Jellyfish Gallery EyeEm Gallery Beautiful People Wedding Wedding Day Stone Dead London ArtWork Men Fun Arts Culture And Entertainment