Life in an island

Life In An Island DECEMBER2015 a type of animal who steals the shell to live in it. I dont know what it a called. But here we call it "Umang". Global EyeEm Adventure - Philippines
Travelling Photography Adventures Global EyeEm Adventure - Philippines Life In An Island Boatinglife Boating the wind is drawing many waves. Gives s trouble on how to dock as there are many coral reefs and it may damage our boat
StillLife White Island Global EyeEm Adventure - Philippines EyeEm Nature Lover DECEMBER2015 Life In An Island Coralstone Corals Travelling Photography Simplicity Adventures close-up of the White Island's sands
Marine Life Coralstone Corals Global EyeEm Adventure - Philippines DECEMBER2015 Adventures Life In An Island during low tide, you can see a lot of corals, fishes and other marine animals. Unfortunately, i only took few photos.
Life In An Island EyeEm Nature Lover Travelling Photography DECEMBER2015 Simplicity We stayed for a night in this island. This island is not commercialzed yet, so we took tue opportunity to relax and get away from everything. We are only 7 souls in that island tha night
Life In An Island Global EyeEm Adventure - Philippines Travelling Photography DECEMBER2015 Marine Life Starfish  a group of starfish banded together. EyeEm Nature Lover
Dog Life In An Island Adventures DECEMBER2015 Global EyeEm Adventure - Philippines Coralstone Travelling Photography this is the only dog in this island. He is extremely affectionate to everyone.. The owner is the caretaker of the island. The island is about a size of more or less 1 hectare.
Coralstone Corals DECEMBER2015 EyeEm Nature Lover Life In An Island Global EyeEm Adventure - Philippines White Island Adventures StillLife these sands are not actually sands. They were corals that were crushed by the waves every season.
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