The PitBull much like our Troops are simply misunderstood...They do what they are trained to do on command. Its the General, The Boss, The Commander, That needs to be Responsible for proper actions their soldiers partake in. Pitbulls are the most loyal,loving and caring breed I've ever come across. They will take their very last breath fighting for you...their love is unconditional and everlasting.Support our PitBulls and Troops!!! ForOurUSTroopsOnBeastMode Militarylife MILITARYLOVE Hoorah Army Navy Marines Airforce Coastguard MilitentWeAre1 Delta RangerUp Specialforces LoveForAllWhoServed LoveForAllWhoAreServing LoveForTheFallen LoveForThePOWs LoveForTheirSacrifice LoveForTheirFamiliesSacrifice