010514 Caving and Climbing at Gunung Senyum There were a lot of butterflies at Gunung Senyum. It was a beautiful sight watching the butterflies live freely out in the wild Goprowonderfulmy Goprooftheday Goprovacation Gppmalaysia Gopromalaysia Gopronation
010514 Caving and Climbing at Gunung Senyum One of the caves located here is called Gua Silat. Silat is a form of traditional deadly martial art which is originated from Malaysia and Indonesia. This cave use to be a place where Silat warriors would come to meditate in order to achieve a higjer level in the Silat. This practice of meditating in the jungle, mountain, caves by Silat students are still being practiced today. What the student will gain after the meditation period depends on the purpose of meditating itself. I never did go meditating in the mountains before..maybe I will some day. Hmmm... Goprowonderfulmy Gppmalaysia Goprooftheday Goprovacation Gopromalaysia Gopronation