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Today we celebrate Eidul Adha: The Eid of the Sacrifice. Over the past few days, millions of sheep, goats, cows and camels have been sacrificed and their meat has been shared with the poor, all over the world. Our own Qurbani, the ritual sacrifice that we make today, marks a defining moment that took place many thousands of years ago. Nabi Ibraheem, alayhis salaam,  Prophet Abraham, turned to his son, Ismaeel, and told him about a dream in which Allah asked him to sacrifice that which is dearest to him. Without hesitation, Ismail told his father to do as Allah commanded; He, Ismael would remain patient and persevere. Let’s see what the Quran tells us about this amazing incident. In Sura As-Saffat [37:100-112]  Mosque Imam Khutbah Eid Prophet Ibrahim Prophet Ismail EyeEm Selects Technology Residential Structure Exterior Building Historic Building Exterior Passageway Closed Door Door Office Building Residential Building Astrology Sign Fire Escape Settlement