Boracay living the island life dream! Really need to hit a bit of exercise this evening so I'm going to get a bit of push in.... - close grip press ups 4 x 15 - lateral raises with resistance band 4 x 15 - wide grip press ups, feet on the bed 4 x 15 - front raises with band 4 x 15 (Everything very controlled) _ After being here 2 days Iv decided I probably won't worry about HIIT sessions too much as I won't be consuming enough calories to really put on fat! So I just want to give me muscles a decent workout, pumping some blood through them so that they know they're still needed! Philippines Islandlife Bodyweighttraining
Selfie part way through bodyweight exercices Daily practice : 1. Bodyweighttraining 2. Yogaasana 3. Pranayama 4. Cycling and Swimming 5. Raw Diet greater than 50% 6. 3.litres Water a day
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