Six Important Possessions other than my Cameras and library of books. I carry a Zippo lighter (though I'm a non-smoker) with the word "King" inscribed upon it. It serves as a visual reminder to conduct myself as a king at all times. The mechanical pencil, Pentel 0.5, black, has been a constant companion through many years and many of my musings. The watch, a Citizen World Timepiece, was given to me by my wife. I treasure it for sentimental reasons as well as value it for its aesthetic appeal and functionality. I keep a St. Francis rosary, though I'm not Catholic, as a reminder of my Christian faith and duties. Also, I carry a St. Benedict coin in my wallet as reminder that evil is real and spiritual protection is always needed. And last a pad of paper which serves as my canvas for my drawings, poetry, drawings, ideas, lyrics, and writings. Personal Possessions Meaningfulpossessions