“ It's far better to be unhappy alone than unhappy with someone — so far.-Marilyn Monroe 9vaga_monoch9 KantoGraphix Wms_Philippines Tuklas_kalyepinas Mobilephotographyphilippines Shuttersrepublic Igersiztapalapa Www_photography Tv_simplicity Tv_living 9vaga_dailytheme9 Monochrome Pixlr
Best_hdr_expression Match_hdr Lucky_hdr Ok_hdr Yes_hdr Fx_hdr Worldwideview4u Great_hdr_captures Match_colour Ayad_photography Srs_germany Vivo_hdr Loves_united_hdr Shotsbyyou_hdr Igglobalclubhdr Ig_bestshots Like4like Shuttersrepublic Crazycool_hdr IG_HDR_DREAMS Hdr_revolution Coolworld_hdr Photometre World_besthdr Ilove_hdr hdr_blast editmoments_hdr super_planeta
Nobody loves you unconditionally but your pets! Ivanb_fu021016 Fotografiaunited Pentaxk50 Pentaxiansunite 50mm Vscophilippines VSCO Vscocam Shuttersrepublic Goldendoodle Potrait
There's never a right time to say goodbye... Fuivanb_03022016 Fotografiaunited Instagram Quotes Shuttersrepublic Portraitmood Pentaxk50 Pentaxiansunite 50mm
Lucky_hdr Igglobalclubhdr Match_colour Ok_hdr Tv_hdr Super_planeta Worldwideview4u All_shots Shots_r_stars Shotz_world Instagreat Shuttersrepublic Like4like Likeforlike BEST_HDR_ARCHIVE Hdr_city_ Fx_hdr Lebanon_hdr Hdr_shots Vivo_italia Snapshots_travel Hdr_for_all Igglobalclub Yes_hdr Love_hdr_colour pocket_hdr best_hdr_archive best_expression_hdr pocztowka_z_polski
coffee break... Fuivan_09232015 Fotografiaunited Tv_stilllife Stillography 9vaga_dailytheme9 9vaga_whitebg9 KantoGraphix Igersiztapalapa Wms_Philippines Shuttersrepublic Tv_living LitratongPinoy Stilllife_gallery 9vaga_colorwhite9 Www_photography Jj_coffeebreak
Because the girl is now a lady... Dexfu_022316 Fotografiaunited Pentaxiansunite Pentaxk50 50mm Shuttersrepublic @shuttersrepublic Potrait Vscogrid VSCO Vscocam Vscophilippines JSprom
Loving someone who will not love you in return is like waiting for a ship to come in a train station... Ikengfu_02122016 Fotografiaunited Vscophilippines VSCO Vscogood Vscogrid Vscocam Pentaxiansunite Pentaxk50 50mm Quotestoliveby Ampalayaanonymous Ampalayaquotes Shuttersrepublic Goldenlabrador
Sunset Skyporn Best_skyshots Fotonaturel Fotofanatics_hdr Hdr_pics Sunset_vision Snapshot_travel Sunset_madness Match_hdr Lucky_hdr Ok_hdr Yes_hdr Fx_hdr Worldwideview4u Match_colour Vivo_hdr Loves_united_hdr Shotsbyyou_hdr Igglobalclubhdr Like4like Photometre World_besthdr Ilove_hdr Shuttersrepublic gallery_of_all
Boy,you travel so far. Boy,I’m sorry you are 25 minutes too late... Portraitmood Potrait Shuttersrepublic Instagram Vscophilippines VSCO Vscocam Quotes Oneofthefugood_03032016 Fotografiaunited Pentaxiansunite Pentaxk50 50mm
Thanks for choosing my photo @shuttersrepublic repost via @instarepost20 from @shuttersrepublic PORTRAIT DAILY WINNER: . CONGRATULATIONS TO @ampalayaanonymous for embodying the best of Portrait Clan. . Sh/He will be part of Shutters who will vie for The Victor this week. . Shuttersrepublic . Shutters’ Republic’s Vision/Mission: . We believe that every photo has a story that should be told. We foster camaraderie by sharing our perspective of life. We build trust by encouraging each other to be better photographers. We promote artistry over popularity. . Photo selected by: @robellejoyce . Admins: @_inkfinite_ , @arnmageddon , @maojinkun . Moderators: @philbellosillo , @iamkahel , @geneticshot , @joyabelles , @robellejoyce . Bnwrome_portraits Life_portraits Loves_people Rsa_portraits Portrait_perfection Portrait_shots Portraitmood Portraitstylesgf Great_portraits Pocket_portraits Instarepost20
Pain demands to be felt! Pentax k50 + 50mm f1.8 Pentaxk50 Pentaxph VSCO Vscocam Quotes Ihatequotes 50mm Shuttersrepublic Potrait Fotografiaunited Igersmanila VSCOPH
"We can never judge the lives of others, because each person knows only their own pain and renunciation. It's one thing to feel that you are on the right path, but it's another to think that yours is the only path." -Paolo Coelho Quotestoliveby Quotes Pentaxiansunite Pentaxk50 50mm VSCO Vscophilippines Vscocam Shuttersrepublic Macrophotography Fotografiaunited Oneofthefugood_02112016