Waterworks valley

I love the dichotomy of the wrought iron gate surrounded by Nature and the chain attaching the two together. Cha Gate Jersey Lock Metal Padlock Reservoir Water Waterworks Valley Winter
I had to capture this act of thoughtlessness and show it to the world. Someone has been responsible to put their dog's mess in a bag but irresponsible to leave the bag of mess lying around for someone else to dispose of. That is just plain lazy! Bag Dog Litter Fence Irresponsibly Responsible Jersey Me Reservoir Rubbish Thoughtless Waterworks Valley Woods
Striking silhouette of a tree, with a lovely shape and the sun directly behind it. I love the light bouncing off the water and the line of trees cutting the shot in two. Jersey No Leaves Reservoir Silhouette Traveling Water Waterworks Valley Winter
Almost camouflaged, this can was a blight on a beautiful landscape - left behind by some thoughtless idiot Can Discarded Drinks Irresponsible Jersey Man Vs Nature Rubbish Trash Waterworks Valley