She loves him... Bestbigsister Littlebigsister BigLittleBrother Siblinglove LilosWorld Mylestone
Being a Sahm to two children (especially so close in age) is truly THE HARDEST job I've ever had... But to witness the bond that is forming between them, since Day 1, has been THE MOST REWARDING experience I could ever ask for! My little Beautifulmess may get on my last nerve (so I think 😘) but she is the Bestbigsister to her Littlebrother ... She comforts him when he's crying, she makes him laugh until he chokes and then pats him on the back, protects him when she feels he's the "little guy", takes "dangerous" things out of his hands, and gives him kisses beyond count! AndShesOnlyAlmostThree ThisRightHereIsWhatLifeIsAllAbout Countyourblessings GiveThanksAndPraise ThankyouGod ThankYouBabyJesus LilosWorld Mylestone
So happy we got to see big sister!! Miss her so bad! Siblings Bestbigsister Davis Family Thanksgiving2K14 Jakeandeli πŸ’™πŸ’œ Samuelpeyton πŸ’š @_laryndavis_