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Day 5 (122615): The world had endured too much darkness. Never be afraid to be different— do what you think is right. Even the moon has its own way to blend and shine in the dark. Huwagkangmagnakaw Huwagkangmagnakawcampaign
Day 3 (122415): We are made up of different hues. Don't let the dark eat you up. There's always light in between. Huwagkangmagnakawcampaign Huwagkangmagnakaw
Day 1 (122215): "He who kills time commits suicide." (Fred Beck) Time is fleeting. Spend every single tick to something that will never make your conscience hunt you for the rest of your life. Time is the most valuable possession you can give and steal from a person. Huwagkangmagnakaw Huwagkangmagnakawcampaign