Padmasana is the iconic Yogaasana It looks nothing And for Indian people it is nothing , whose hips are far more open than western hips in general. Along with Siddhasana it is the classic recommended cultural pose for Meditation and Pranayama The traditional reasoning is that the pose redirects the sensual energies up Sushumna towards the higher energy centres and ultimately to a union of Shiva and Shakti When Kundalini awakens in the mouth of Sushumna and starts its journey upwards , Padmasana helps keep the body rooted to the earth , the feet pinning the thighs downwards There are a huge amount of asana that help prepare the Yogi for Lotus pose in order to avoid injuring the knees Ishwara
The whole purpose of Yoga is the Bliss of Kubdalini shakti exploding up through Sushumna, piercing the Shat Chakras and becoming one with the Universal consciousness (Shiva) at Ajna . To this end We endlessly practice Hatha yoga In order to balance the energies *of Ida and pingali Whatever asna practice we choose is irrelevant, only that we balance the breaths in left and right nostril , over and over Ishwara Kubdalini Yoga Nadis Prana Ida Pingali Meditation Purification Balance Sushumna