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The other day, some food or philipino or both, who knows, festival. FestiBULL, more like it. All I know is they innit have no boat, no fickin yatch no nothin so call it whateva they want but those who know - KNOW. No boat? No festi-NODDA. And that, my friends, be whattup. /nonchalantly turns to the left (your right) and spits exactly how one imagines someone'd do ri'bow'nah. 😎 Alive But Not Living Meh It's Me (^ ^) Fox Bleh Watch Me As I Fall Infinite Sadness Unrequited Emo
do you like me?? People It's Me (^ ^) Looking Good In Chain
I want to have a lover~People Good Night It's Me (^ ^) Chongqing China
so cool>_< People It's Me (^ ^) In Chain Good Night
so cool>﹏<大家要注意身体不要和我一样感冒了啊 People In Chain It's Me (^ ^) Today's Hot Look
A little hot a little cold People Photography Happiness Beauty In Chain It's Me (^ ^) Good Night
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People Good Night Chongqing China It's Me (^ ^)
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It's Me (^ ^)
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寒假的最后一天了>﹏<不想开心呐:'(锁骨上有一个封印了 哈哈哈 就是想秀恩爱了 People Photography In Chain Beauty It's Me (^ ^) Goodmorning
It's Me (^ ^)