Aint getting paid so screw it no

It's a Black (and white) Christmas, without you, my love, it'll be so colourless and cold, unless were making love.. So come back for Christmas, i swear I'll accept you'll be gone, before the sun breaks the mists, and the sailors red dawn. Because one minute of loving is just enough to hang on, for you.. Black And White Photography Black And White Collection  Black And White Portrait Self Portrait Portrait Of A Man  Shades Of Grey Light And Shadows Portraiture London Heathrow Airport Should I Stay Or Should I Go? Aint Getting Paid So Screw It No Live Music Braindead Beats So Tired :( Reality Is The Only Word In The Language That Should Always Be Used In Quotes Escape Of The Dark Dimension On The Road Never Stop Dreaming Where Is Santa Claus? When I Was A Child I Caught A Fleeing Glimpse Out Of The Corner Of My Eye, I Turned To Look But Out Was Fine, The Cold Has Grown The Dream Has Gone I … Have Become Comfortably Numb May Peace Prevail On Earth May We All Find What We Need, Not What We Want Love Everyone Banish Hate,
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