My first try with you all . I love you my friends @jeannie_lim @mamasoju @phoebe.n.yi ... 1664blanc Bff Friendship Iamonvacation Memories Balidreamcottage
Oh My GHOST! Forgive me please... Hahaha :D Jakarta Museumfatahillah Ghost Pocong Iamonvacation Happyholiday Latepost
They are my beloved family, love you mother :* love you lil sister :* and love you father :* . I promise make you proud of me :') Jakarta Trainstation Jakartakota Komuterline Iamonvacation Happyholiday Qualitytimewithfamily Latepost
Good Evening Jakarta :D Jakarta Ondel-ondel Museumfatahillah Holiday Iamonvacation
This flower is for someone whom really love me :D Jakarta Museumfatahillah Flower Ghost Iamonvacation Happyholiday Latepost