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TCPM to some people they would easily discredit Reality For Something Made Up and as a result Label Others with a Mental Illness for example Crazy Skitzospinia or any other type of label but the reality for myself is I see Spirits such as the one in this picture. This is me setting on the bed in the light colored shirt and directs to the left is plainly seen a Spirit a dark figure who reaches its arms towards me and even moved its head from side to side which I have this in video form this is just a screen shot off the video to show you what I finally have. Even able to capture and have seen all my life yet teased and made fun of and labeled crazy and everything else you could possibly imagine. I'm thankful I was able to capture this video because it truly put so much of the labels put on me along time ago to rest. Finally! Say No To Mental Health Labels No People Indoors  Green Color Day Close-up Animal Themes Ghosts Mabelvale Arkansas