Marina Bay Singapore

The merlion, the guy whom i feel the most sorry for, living its lonely, daily life of sitting by the bay, watching people have fun, and most of all, watching people look at it and snap pictures of it peeing through its mouth as it has no choice at all. Merlion Marinabaysands Marinabay Singapore Visitsingapore ExploreSingapore Alone Sad Life Excellent_structure Photooftheday Landscape Urban Lonely Holiday Boredom Tv_simplicity Tv_pointofview Vsco_hub VSCO Vscocam Vscogood Photography Instagram Attractions unique minimal_perfection minimalism minimalexperience ig_minimalshots
Tall skyscrapers, green artificial grass, blue lakes and the dominating presence of the sun. This is my lion city! Roar! Architecture Photooftheday Instagood Instadaily Insta Lioncity Buildings Skyscrapers City Grass Water Sun Hot Hardwork Satisfied  Phone Instamood Sunnyday Yellow Snap Manmade Man Likes Tagsforlikes Likesforlikes support
Singapore River Cruise Blackandwhitephoto Lightroom Singapore Sginstagram Mbs Sonyrx100iv Boats
Singapore NDPRehearsal2015 Fireworks Marinabaysands Sg50
Singapore NDPRehearsal2015 Fireworks Marinabaysands Sg50