High altitude Lakes of Dhauladhar Palampur Dharamshala mobile cam Nofilter . Crystal clear water and pure, Mineral rich drinking water better than Bisleri Kinley and similar brands plastic bottle water. Lake Lakegram Lakescape Mountainscape Mountaingram Nature Mountains Forests . Go for Trekking Hiking and Camping but please do not trash the Trails and Campsite Bring your garbage back to hi-fi glittering cities.
Nofilter MountainSunset a few days ago at Dhauladhar Mountains Sunset Dharamshala Palampur Chamba . Skyscape Skyporn Mountainscape MobileGram Sunsetgram Mountaingram
Me Dhauladhar and selfless "friends" over JalsuPass on my Solo Dharamshala Palampur Paprola Jalsu Chamba Trekking Hiking and Camping . Mountainscape Mountaingram Naturegram Fog Horses Nature
Snowy Dhauladhar . Mountaingram Mountainscape Snowscape Landscape Snow Mountains Clouds Cloudscape Cloudporn Nofilter MobileGram Snowfall Instamountains Instasnow InstaSnowfall Instaview Chamba Palampur Dharamshala
Somewhere in the lap of Dhauladhar Mountains accompanied by Leopards Blackbears and SheepHerders ....Better to keep such points undisclosed...from over educated, over Civilized Tourists and Money worshipping businessmen....who by stashing cash on to Officials, put claim over such places....Trekking Camping HillWalk Solo with Mother Nature Campsite PastureLand Treescape Skyscape Naturegram Mountainscape Hillscape Mountaingram ...Clean Air and original Mineral Water
Repost of Snow covered Palampur Jan 2015 side Dhauladhar Mountains looking over Neugal . Snowscape Mountaingram Mountainscape Skyscape Snowgram Nature Canon Photography