Happiness Take A Deep Breath Daydreaming love'severywhere High Contrast Lonesomeness Cooling It ( :
🍁🍃 take ur hand, sea with us 🍁🍃 Lonesomeness First Eyeem Photo
🍁🍃 live in green, nest time you must close eyes. 🍁🍃 First Eyeem Photo Lonesomeness Green House Flat Jungle
🍁🍃 Put ur hand in my black heart 🍁🍃 Lonesomeness First Eyeem Photo Blavk And White Landscape Landscape_photography Landscape_Collection Landscapes With WhiteWall
Grief At The End Beauty In Nature Best Times Are Gone Close-up Day Flower Flower Head Fragility Freshness Growth Lonesomeness Nature No People Noblesse Outdoors Petal Stamen White And Black White Flower
Brückenbach Brook Creek Morning Light Mystical Mystical Atmosphere Trees Without Leafs No People Nature Trees And Nature Wintertime Tree Outdoors Nature Photography Sunlight Beautiful View ❤ Beauty In Nature Foggy Foggy Morning Bridgebrook Lonesome Lonesomeness Quiet Moments Quiet Places to @Mira_71
. 🍁🍃 En. I was with you for a long time Now That of others I am to be cold. . فا: من آنقدر با تو بوده ام که از بودن کنار دیگران سردم میشود . 🍁🍃 (ثبت با دوربين) [taken with camera] . 📌 محمدرضا صحرائى به تاريخ خورشيدى: ١٦-امرتات-٩٥ [روستاى زياران، جاده طالقان] . #lonesomeness First Eyeem Photo Lonesomeness
🍁🍃 awaiting for spiring 🍁🍃 Minimal Minimalism Minimalmood Spiring Autumn Lonely Lonesomeness Splashing Splash Blackandwhite Black And White Black & White Blackandwhite Photography Tree
Berry Outdoors Berry Fruit Berrycollection Nature Berry In Winter Lonesomeness It S Cold Outside Hanging Out
🍁🍃 put on the feel, freedom 🍁🍃 First Eyeem Photo Lonesomeness
Lonely track in the snow Quiet Moments Lonesomeness Lonesome Sunlight Outdoors Nature Photography Wintertime No People Snow❄⛄ Harzmountains Winterwonderland Snow ❄ Snow Day Track Animal Track Animals In The Wild Animal Markings Quiet Places Beauty In Nature Harz Bilder
Lonesomeness Stop Time :c First Eyeem Photo
Pink vibes neon lights Neon Lights Motel Rooms Nightshot Night Photography Lonesomeness
Big City Life Blue City Life Drinking Leisure Activity Lifestyles Lonesome Lonesomeness Work Life Balance
. 🍁🍃 En: ‏Last Miracle For You . God put aside you for the last miracle For the last extrem cold in January For a dismal house and a frigid embarace God put aside you for a night For a special moment That you suddenly knock at the door Coming near me And instead of hello Give me a kiss And "Believe in my miracle" says God . فا: تو را براى آخرين معجزه كنار گذاشته براى اخرين سرماى سوزان بهمن براى يه خانه سرد و يك آغوش بى حس تو را براى يك شب براى يك لحظه خاص كنار گذاشته كه ناگهان، در را به صدا درآورى بيايى كنار من و به جاى سلام ببوسى و خدا بگويد: ايمان بياور به معجزه من . 🍁🍃 (ثبت با دوربين) [taken with camera] . 📌 محمدرضا صحرائى به تاريخ خورشيدى: ١٧-امرتات-٩٥ [روستاى مهران، طالقان] . #lonesomeness First Eyeem Photo Lonesomeness