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KATHAKALI - Kathakali is one of the oldest theatre forms in the world. It originated in the area of southwestern India now known as the state of Kerala. Kathakali is a group presentation, in which dancers take various roles in performances traditionally based on themes from Hindu mythology, especially the two epics, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. Kathakali Kerala Ramayana Mahabharata Hindumythology Dance Theatre India Incredibleindia GodsOwnCountry
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Pachisi or Chopat or Chowka Bhara or The Board Game played in the epic poem, the Mahabharata. This game is also known as the Ludo Grandfather... Locals, Courtiers, Rajahs, Maharajahs, et cetera et cetera played this game and still it's being played. Usually played with small stones and cowries (shells) and the layout is made by Chuna ( Chalk powder) or by a broken brickstone. Originated in Medieval India and from then to this date, the game changed according the people. And sometimes the game changed the people. The Pandavas lost everything they had in possession to the Kauravas in this game. Unknown of the facts, the locals still love to play this game. Chopat is just a pass time for them, as this time nothing is at stake... #historyfacts #history #historyrevisited #full_phoneography #amazonshutterbug #photography #passtime @world_photography_page @photographers_of_india @indian_photography_club_ @full_phoneography @photographers.of.india @official_photographers_hub @natgeo @natgeoyourshot @lenovokillershots Men Board Game Amazonshutterbug Historyrevisited Historyfacts Passtime Photography History Shadows & Lights The Great Outdoors - 2018 EyeEm Awards The Traveler - 2018 EyeEm Awards Full_phoneography Blackandwhite Blackandwhite Photography Mahabharata Choupat Pachisi
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