Happy id india! And happy birthday to my dearest mom! Pglife Pgimer Dmlife India_91 India_unveiled _soi _oye _cic Chandigarh Independence Life Happybirthdaymom  Birthdaymom Instagood Moments Personal BNC Bnw_india Photographers_of_india Indiaclicks
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They never miss their post dinner snacks... Doglover Dogfood Petlover Pgicampus Pgimer Pgi Dmlife
Witnessed wll (whole young lavage) today...done primarily for therapeutic purpose in pap cases... Pap Ctvsot Dmlife Pgi Lungs Medicalschool Medicine Pulmonarymedicine
Night 3am tea pumps me up.....duty days ICU Pgi Pglife Dmlife
Life this week.. Pgicampus Medicalschool Chandigarh Dmlife Watchlover Watchporn HMT Foodie Cme Stethoscope  Barber Life Personal Weekend
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Chandigarh to bangalore....Airasia Flight India_91 India_unvieled India_unveiled _oye _cic _soi Photographers_of_india Indiaclicks Airportsofindia Journeys Instagood Family Dmlife Pgimer
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Night duties in icu... ICU Pgimer Pgilife Dmlife Chandigarh
Yummy food... Ghazal Chandigarh Friends Dmlife Foodie
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One month of pgi month of dm life... Pgi Dmlife Chandigarh Lungs Medicalschoollife Medicine
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