02052015 Tired but fun.. West to North to East to NE to West to West Half of Singapore cleared. Kekekekekekeke Congrates to @nurasruleffendi on his wedding. May it last till Jannah..ameen.. Darulmakmur Tweensalive Asrulnisaa 5thmwdsg
Standy by people... @alfitwah FC coming up... Bismillah... Soccersg Trainedbylocals 5thmwdsg Alfitwahfc
TONIGHT!!! Another Syarahan Roadshow by Al-mawaddah mosque for the 5th annivesary. A syarahan from a dahsyat mosque (Darul Aman Mosque) by a dahsyat ustaz (Ust Furdaus Yahya) on a dahsyat topic (Towards Akhirat) Letsgo Mustgo Gojer 5thmwdsg
Being a moderator is not easy (even harder if you have not prepare the questions). You need to come out with questions based on what the guest was sharing. But alhamdulillah everything went smooth. Kudos to Azhar'rul for being the emcee of the event. A blessed event indeed... Alhamdulillah.. 5thmwdsg Duniaakudahulu Duniaakusekarang
Al-Mawaddah Mosque '‎مسجد المودة Masjid Kasih Sayang Gojer Mustgo Letsgo 5thmwdsg
Al-Mawaddah mosque 5th annivasary roadshow at Assyakirin Mosque. ***Free Nasi Ayam to first 100... 23 January 2015, Friday, after Ishak Letsgo Mustgo Gojer Veryveryvery 5thmwdsg
Untuk saham akhirat... $100 only 5thmwdsg
Infaq! Infaq! Infaq! $100 only! Saham akhirat, insha'Allah.. 5thmwdsg
This Saturday night.. Letsgo Gojer Mustgo Veryveryvery 5thmwdsg
Assalamu'alaikum! In conjunction to the coming month of Ramadan, we would like to announce our annual Youth in-Charge! This year, not only are we going to help clean the house of Allah, but also learn & refresh back our knowledge on the 5 pillars of Islam! So what are you waiting for? Register NOW @ ! See you at Al-Mawaddah mosque, insyaAllah! Alfitwah Almawaddahmosque 5thmwdsg
Syarahan Roadshow 5 tahun bersama Masjid Al-Mawaddah yang ke-2 akan diadakan di Masjid Al-Iman (10 Bukit Panjang Ring Road Singapore 679943) pada hari Jumaat, 27 Februari 2015 jam 8.45 malam dengan tajuk"Ku Nantimu Di Pintu Syurga" oleh Ustaz Haron Hassan Akthar (Pensyarah Bebas). Kami juga menyediakan satu bas ulang alik (40 seater) dari Masjid Al-Mawaddah ke Masjid Al-Iman untuk para jemaah. Bas akan bertolak dari Masjid Al-Mawaddah pada jam 6.00 petang. PERCUMA! Nasi Briyani 'POWER' untuk 100 jemaah pertama selepas Syarahan Roadshow. Muslimin dan Muslimah dipersilakan hadir. ‪ 5thmwdsg Mustgo Letsgo Gojer