Expansions of the Mosque The following are some details about the expansions of the Mosque: 1. First construction (1H) and its expansion (in 7H) by the Prophet – 2475 sq.m. 2. First expansion (17H): `Umar – increased by 1100 sq.m. 3. Second (29-30H): `Uthman – increased by 496 sq.m. 4. Third (91-93H): Walid b. `Abdul Malik - increased by 2369 sq.m. He destroyed the houses of the wives of the Prophet for this expansion. According to some reports he sought the help of the Roman King, who sent 40 Roman laborers, 40 Coptic laborers, and some amount of gold and decorative material. 5. Fourth (165H): Al-Mahdi Abbasi – 2450 sq.m. 6. Fifth and, 7. Sixth reconstructions (886-890H) were due to fires. 8. Seventh (1265-1278H): Sultan Abdul Majeed – increased by 1293 sq.m. It was built of red stone bricks taken from the Dhu al-Hulayfah Mount. This was the most beautiful reconstruction so far. About 140 bags of gold were sent for this purpose. 9. Eighth (1372H/1950CE): King `Adul `Aziz – increased by 6024 sq.m. 10. Ninth (1405H/1984CE), King Fahd b. `Abdul `Aziz – increased by 82,000 sq.m. The total area of the Mosque now is 98,327 sq.m. Almunawarrah Masjidilnabawi Rrumrah