Happy balance of da week.. Jumaahmubarak
Blessed all you cat lovers. Rasulullah SAW had a cat named Mueeza which he was very fond of. Everytime Prophet Muhammad SAW entertained guests at his home, he would bring Mueeza along and put Mueeza at his lap. Rasulullah SAW liked to see Mueeza purr when it hears the adzan (call for prayers). Allah's Apostle reminded us to be kind to cats and treat them like how we would treat our family member. Once, Rasulullah was about to take his jubah when he saw Mueeza sleeping on it. Rasulullah then cut the arm portion which Mueeza was sleeping on in order not to wake his favourite cat. Masha Allah! Such a charming akhlaq. Whenever Prophet Muhammad SAW returns home, Mueeza would run to him as a gesture of being playful. In turn, the prophet would cuddle Mueeza. Rasulullah stressed that cats are not filthy. Plus, he even allowed taking the ablution from water of which a cat has drank from it. Abu Qatadah mentioned that Prophet Muhammad SAW said "Cats are not profane. They love to play in houses (tame animal)" [HR At-Tirmidzi, An-Nasa'i, Abu Dawud, and Ibnu Majah]. In another narration by Ali bin Al-Hassan, one day Anas and Rasulullah went to Baththan, a district in Medina for a trip. Rasulullah said to Anas "O Anas, pour me some water into the bowl for me to take my ablutions". Anas poured the water and when Rasulullah was just about to take his ablutions, a cat came and drank from the bowl. Rasulullah saw the cat and stopped taking his ablutions. When the cat left, Rasulullah continued his ablutions. Anas asked him about the incident and he said "Cats are among the ornaments of a house. It is not filthy nor profane" The punishment for torturing a cat is very serious. In a hadith by Bukhari, it was told that a lady who never fed her cats, or even lets them to find food on their own will be punished severely and the punishment to her as said by Rasulullah SAW was the Hell fire. Cats Catsandislam Love Jumaahmubarak