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Close up of the pallet boards I painted. Can't wait for my table to be finished. Each board is unique. Having a great time with this new hobby. Palletart Palletwood Palletproject Painting Pallet Project EyeEm Best Shots
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When I'm stressed out or confused I usually end up outside working with my hands. Right now, I have some pallets I want to turn into shelves. Here i go. Stressreliever Pallets Pallet Wood Palletproject Wood Wooden Texture Wood Art Working With My Hands Recycled Materials Background Pattern Patterns
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Holy crap hard work... First time doing any kind of leveling and I just can not get it perfect. ๐Ÿ˜ž I'm talking myself into saying if its not perfect that's fine, cause drainage. When I walk on it feels mostly level. I guess as long as the grade isn't all trip inducing... It's gonna settle anyway, so that will be an issue down the road. Palletproject Palletdeck