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Always do your research and be honest about your lifestyle. I've work with dogs on a daily basis and am taking my time on learning more and varied methodologies in dog training. I will not own a mal right now. I certainly wouldn't own one from someboppurtunist breeder who doesn't know what their doing. Do you work 9-5 with a two hour commute daily? Never owned a dog before? A dog like a mal needs daily practice of work! Dont get a mal! Regram @refinedk9llc 👌 ----------🐺Find us on Facebook👉 🇺🇸 Our Website👉 🇺🇸 Twitter👉@refinedk9llc | 🐺 |Malinois Maligator Malinoislife Mal Mali Instadog Dogsofinstagram Trikospup Workingdogs Pet Girlswithmals Rawdiet Dogtraining Florida K9 Saltlife Malinoislovers Dog Dogs Gsdmalinoislove DogtraDog Instagramdogs Gofulton Nofilter Puppytraining servicedogs work malinoispuppy TeamDog Fultonstrong 🐺 🇺🇸
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