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Our trio of horrors made these on Friday. We then spent a fab evening sat on straw bales on our drive toasting marshmallows over the brazier and drinking hot mulled cider with friends old and new from the village. Perfect. Villagelife England Rutland Halloween 2015  Fire Pumpkin Batman Ghost Vicarage Mulled Cider Marshmallows Nightphotography
Window Brick Wall Old Brickwork Vicarage Old Building  House Historic Buildings  Listed Building
The Rectory in Tved This kind of Building technique is quite common in Denmark especially in Rural parts. It's called Bindningsværkshus in danish and Korsvirkeshus in swedish. Notice the Roof on the closest building. It's made of Straw which can still be seen on Old Houses Vicarage Præstegård Mols Architecture
Stone Wall Letterbox Ivy Leaves Ivy Vicarage Granchester Close-up