We picked some coffee beans while on a tour of the coffee plantation at Mi Cafecito, Monte Verde Costa Rica ---------------------------------------- Coffee Coffeetime Coffeebean Coffeebeans Micafecito Monteverde Coffeetour Coffeetourism Costarica Explorecostarica Exploremonteverde Gadventures Gadventurestour Olympus Travel Wanderlust Instatravel
Coffee Cherries on the plant at Mi Cafecito, Sarapiqui. The green are under ripe, the red are ripe and black cherries are over ripe and cannot be used. --------------------------------------------------------- Coffee Coffeeplantation Micafecito Sarapiqui Costaricagram Costarica2015 Costarica Coffeetour RainyDay Takemeback Olympus Instapic Instagram Macro Macro_captures Instatravel Travelgram Travel Wamderlust
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