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Black And White Photography Black And White Street Photography Blinded Blindfold Blinds Concept Concept Art Conceptual Conceptual Art Conceptual Image Conceptual Photography  Conceptualphotography Human Relations Life Moments Miss Obsession Real People Smartphone Photography Smartphonephotography Society Story Photography Story Time Technology Torn Apart
Mask Face Mask Story Time Streetphotography
Theater Life kcmo Playhouse Theatre Musical entertainment Truck Hello World Enjoying Life Wicked Street Photography Things I Like Story Time Urban Photography Phoneography The Irwin Collection
Black And White Photography Black And White Street Photography Blinded Blindfold Blinds Concept Concept Art Conceptual Conceptual Art Conceptual Image Conceptual Photography  Conceptualphotography Human Relations Life Moments Miss Obsession Real People Smartphone Photography Smartphonephotography Society Story Photography Story Time Technology Torn Apart
Streetphotography Face Mask Mask Story Time
alone in the dark Story Story Time darkness and light Book Illustration Book Cover Design Portrait Light Emotional EyeEm Selects Only Women One Person Young Adult Studio Shot Women Night Halloween
Campfire Stories Tales From Past Lives Untold Stories EyeEm Tadaa Community Eye4photography  Blackandwhite Tree And Sky Story Time Eye4nature Pt 1... In the darkness, she shivered, fearful. So dark she could not see the hand in front of her face. Not knowing where she was, she stayed huddled in a heap on the floor. The darkness was alive, swirled and moved around her like whispers of smoke, and from it, came a masculine form. Though bigger than any man she'd ever seen. A pale light illuminating the shape of him. "Be not afraid," he said. But did he say it? Or did she hear it in her mind as if he spoke to her there and not by her ears. A stillness came over her at his gentle command, a peace so thorough, it could only be Divine.
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Why did he go? what had I done that was so bad that he decided to leave me? Sure Im not perfect, but hell he had his faults to but I hadn't walked away. She felt so numb standing there just looking out into space. There was beauty all around her, but she couldn't see it. Her heart was heavy and her head filled with so many unanswered questions. She felt so heavy inside, like a weight had been places on her shoulders dragging her into a dark abis. She didn't notice as someone approached her.... My Story Story Time Nikon_d5200 My Words The Purist (no Edit, No Filter) HTC_photography Photography Eye4photography
Black And White Photography Black And White Street Photography Blinded Blindfold Blinds Concept Concept Art Conceptual Conceptual Art Conceptual Image Conceptual Photography  Conceptualphotography Human Relations Life Moments Miss Obsession Real People Smartphone Photography Smartphonephotography Society Story Photography Story Time Technology Torn Apart
Portrait Of A Woman Streetphotography Story Time Street
Story Time Kaohsiung, Taiwan My City On A Date Enjoying Life Relaxing With My Baby With My Boyfriend <3 With My Sis Beautiful Nature
Tree Nature Outdoors No People Day Tranquility Growth Shadow The Way Forward Beauty In Nature Branch Tree Trunk Scenics Trees And Nature Mountainview Tree Art Nature Tree Tree Area Vacations Vacation Time Vacations Picture Architecture Story Photography Story Time
She finished her pot of tea and decided a bit of relaxation in the Hydrotherapy Pool was very much needed after a busy week. She carefully untied her robe while making sure that no wobbly bits were on display and everything tucked away neatly, carefully walking on the wet tiles to make sure she didn't slip on her arse and make a complete idiot out of herself, she made her way to the steps, all the time breathing in to hold in her rather large tummy, from far too many cakes recently she thought to herself, really must try harder. Nearly there she thought, just to glide down the steps and slide into the water now. Step one, step two, so far so good, step three...aaarrrgggghhhh....oh noooo....splosh, there she goes, quick...maybe no-one noticed, but just incase she thought she'd better stand up and gesture with her hands as if to say....what the heck was that! Trying to compose herself and gain a little dignity back she made her way across the pool and found the nearest jet and......relax! Hanging Out My Story Story Time Embarrassing Idiot Relaxing Spa Weekend Streamzoofamily Celebrating
Sun sets to rise again... Relaxing Taking Photos EyeEm Best Shots Check This Out EyeEm Masterclass Fresh On Eyeem  The Great Outdoors Kashmir Diaries Srinagar  EyeEm Nature Lover Documentary Colors Popular Landscape Photooftheday Storyteller Travel Destinations ASIA Sunset Ultimate Boats River View Jhelum Story Time Life In Colors
Baby Indoors  Bed Child Close-up Childhood Story Time Book Bedtime
The day started much like any other, with the birds singing there happy chorus. Was it Morning already, he'd had a restless night. Thoughts cascading in his head like the water over the niagra falls. He was totally unable to make sense of any of it, there was to much, to quick for him to understand. As per the norm these days his neck was stiff, which gave him a headache. He had to move, his neck cracked n popped as he moved it around giving him valuable seconds of relief before it set in again. He got up and went to the window, opening the curtains slightly. Oh hell it was morning, was this really gonna be how it was for him today, or was it gonna get better? He saw the black bird strutting his stuff on his lawn. Lucky bugger he thought to himself, able to fly off to anywhere, feeling free and easy. He sighed to himself as he walked over to his underwear draw...... Taking Photos Black Bird Nikon EyeEm Nature Lover Story Time My Story Fictional Writing Getting Inspired Bird Watching Wildlife & Nature
Books ♥ Reading & Relaxing Story Time Best Friends Old Collection Words Love ♥
Tree Nature No People Winter Snowing Snow Beauty Forest Scenics Tranquility Beauty In Nature Nature Tree Frozen Tranquil Scene Mountain Story Time About Today
A portrait of two friends enjoying reading about trains. A peaceful, precious and beautiful thing to observe!":) children's portrait Friends Reading Listening Quiet Moments Quiet Play Concentrating Story Time Emotion Looking Up Lookingdown #looking cute #looking at photos!
River Historic Story Time View The OO Mission
This overgrown garden could be from a fairy story, sleeping beauty or a horror story perhaps Overgrown Garden Trees Shrubbery Greenery Nature Hidden House Hidden House Mess Waste Story Story Time Fairytale  Horror Horror House Hoddesdon Roof Tiles Sleeping Beauty Spooky Spooky Houselooks Abandoned Abandoned House Derelict? Hoddesdon
He stood there once again, like the many times before, contemplating the new life that he could have to explore. But this time seemed different, as though this was his last opportunity. He wasn't getting any younger and his life was passing him by in the blink of an eye. He'd done this so often now it was becoming his ritual, but he'd always lose his nerve and head back to his old life. Life! more like existence, he'd been bored of it for so long, looking for things to break the monotony of everyday life. The only thing holding him back was himself. But he was a good man and always thought of his family first, his kids always had been his number one priority. But now his hunger for a new life, to find love or passion once again had him here at this bridge, he knew it was just his metaphor but he knew if he crossed it, that was it no going back. He hesitantly stepped onto the bridge. He was gripped with strong emotions, fear, trepidation, excitement, guilt, that feeling of stepping into the unknown. He took another step the feelings grew stronger, gripping at his stomach. Two more steps and he was closer to that halfway point, once crossed he'd have to leave everything behind and carry on. He reached the center and stopped abruptly, looking forward he was looking into the unknown future. Looking behind him he could see the existence he had, his family, his kids, his boring everyday life. So why was he feeling stuck, what held him routed to this spot. One step on and he could try again at life. Which way to go, feelings overwhelming him, he made his choice.... Photography Nikon D5200 Fictional Writing Story Time My Story My Words Don't Like Don't Follow Getting Inspired Bridge
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Once Upon A Time Once Upon A Time... Chair Chairs Empty Chair Wooden Chair Story Time Storytelling In The Park A Walk In The Park Fairytale  Fairytales
Foggy Fog Landscape Story Time
The loves of my life Mother & Daughter Love My Wife My Daughter Story Time Mom Baby
He was transfixed by there beauty and majestic grace, he was watching intently but not really taking in the full beauty he was seeing. His mind was on her, that woman had stole his heart. Stole his ability to see things. Because everything reminded him of her. The wind blowing in the trees, reminded him of her hair being blown over her face. A cat, her feline sultry walk. Nothing had meaning to him anymore. But she wasn't here, he wouldn't see her, feel her, be with her. His thoughts of her and how it could of been made him so happy, then he'd have to come back to the reality that he was here and she was there. He looked out again and sighed. Life works in mysterious ways...... Sunday Swanday Water Reflections Getting Inspired Nikon D5200 Story Time Fictional Writing My Story EyeEm Nature Lover EyeEm Gallery Swan Lake
He stood there in total trepidation, a single red rose in hand. He'd never met this lady before but her voice had gotten under his skin from the moment he first heard it. He knew then and there he would have to meet her to see if what she looked like was even have as beautiful as he imagined. If she was then he knew he'd need to see her again. But standing there people bustling around going about there day, left him wondering, any one of these could be her, she may have taken one look and walked away. He knew he wasn't a hansom man by his own reckoning, but he had some nice qualities. But unless she met him properly she'd never find them out. He was growing more anxious with each passing moment. Then he felt it that tap on his shoulder.... He turned slowly hearing the words "that's a beautiful red rose". He knew that voice, his heart fluttered like a teenager. Then he caught sight of her...... My Words Nikon_d5200 Red Rose Story Time Eye4photography  My Story Colour Splash Don't Like Don't Follow Me Being Me Love Is In The Air
旅行途中认识的5岁小朋友,给他讲小鸡和黄鼠狼的故事,很有意思.😁😊 Storyteller Story Time
Dr. Seuss Story Time Grandma Maine
Intertwined there lives had become, a strange pair of friends they made. He was a working class man, down to earth, very shy, had a heart of gold but not many knew it because he kept himself to himself. She was a star, always out and about, attending avents, mingling when she had to. The fame game she found hard at times, but maybe that's why she liked this guy. He never judged her, never asked for anything, they just chatted the way old friends do. If she needed to talk to someone about normal everyday things, this was her escape she knew he'd be there no strings attached. They'd never actually met, she still kept that bit of distance because hell she'd been bitten on the ass a few times before like this, letting her guard down was a no, no now. She would protect herself no matter what, keep herself behind a barbed wire barrier. But there was just something about this guy, she could sense it, she was drawn to him in a way she couldn't understand. She needed to know why?, how?, what was it about him? ...... Barbed Wire Wednesday Barbed Wire My Story Fictional Writing Story Time Nikon D5200 Nature_collection Taking Photos Photography Close Up
Love Them Happy Kids Complicity Brother & Sister Siblings Kidsphotography Innocence Girl Power Sleeping Time Story Time Sweet Dreams Kids Being Kids Personality  Daughter Everyday Emotion Childhood Memories Childhood
She saw something move in her puripheral vision, her eyes immediately drawn to the movement. Grasped with fear this thing looked huge to her, like the size of a tarantula when in fact it was only a house spider. To her it might well have been the size of the house, she was terrified. She wanted to run and scream but it was blocking her escape. She was trapped and now it wasn't moving, it knew it had her trapped and it was bideing it's time, just waiting for the ideal time to strike and bite her. She was thinking to herself. Her stomach summersaulting, her heart beating out of her chest, this beast knew that and was gonna strike at her heart. Her head rushing a million miles an hour, why was it just sitting there watching her. Her feet where glued to the spot. Oh please God get me out of this alive, she was thinking to herself. Then in walked her night in shining armour, he looked at her terrified expression and quickly scanned the room for what had her so scared. What was it? A thief, zombie. Then he followed her eyes and seen it, he looked back at her and looked at it, then back at her again. He couldn't help but laugh, if looks could kill, he'd have died a million excruciatingly painful deaths and that still wouldn't have been enough..... Spider Fictional Writing Story Time My Story HTC_photography Don't Like Don't Follow Taking Photos Photography
Mask Artphoto Story Time Streetphotography
According to me your every problem just disappears when you see sky like this............ Nothing here matters there Life Is Beautiful Enjoying Every Moment Of It Sky💙 Live Love Laugh Dreamy Reality Story Time Showcase: November Skylovers
Viaggiando Architecture Door Sicily ❤️❤️❤️ Amica Mia ♥ Story Time Sealife
Read A Book Story Time This is an interesting story.We should save our earth as soon as possible.??
Streetphotography Face Mask Mask Story Time
Black And White Photography Black And White Street Photography Blinded Blindfold Blinds Concept Concept Art Conceptual Conceptual Art Conceptual Image Conceptual Photography  Conceptualphotography Human Relations Life Moments Miss Obsession Real People Smartphone Photography Smartphonephotography Society Story Photography Story Time Technology Torn Apart
Different women, different experiences, different looks, different story Woman Experience Lookslikefilm Story Time
ASIA Boys Cambodia Child Childhood Childhood Memories Children Children Only Day Focus On Foreground Indian Summer Lifestyles Little Boy One Person Outdoors People Real People Real Photography Rice Field Shirtless Story Time Streetphotography Summer Village Life
Deepfreeze Blackandwhite Exploring New Ground Snowman Weather Man Story Time Winter Trees Enjoying Life RePicture Travel Market Bestsellers June 2016 Bestsellers The Week On EyeEm Your Ticket To Europe Shades Of Winter
Before him was a barbed wire fence, no time to go round it, he knew it wouldn't take long for them to find him again and the barbed wire would be the least of his worries. He had to escape, it was a matter of life or death and not just his, but for thousands of others too. If he didn't make it back alive then all his comrade's would perish too. He kept running parallel to it know he'd sooner or later need to get through or over it to make up some distance. Sucking in a deep breath he dived over hoping to clear most of the wire...... The Purist (no Edit, No Filter) Photography My Words My Story Nikon D5200 Barbed Wire Wednesday Barbed Wire Story Time Fictional Writing Taking Photos
Tools Black & White Story Time Old Museum Close-up No People Old-fashioned Indoors  Planer Wood - Material
Indoors  Old-fashioned No People Close-up Museum Old Story Time Black & White Tools Rusted Metal
High Angle View Yellow Nature Backgrounds Sand Close-up Outdoors Freshness Day People People Photography Deserts Around The World People And Art Peoplescreatives Photography Story Time
A nice get together in the MIA, Fl. Enjoying Life Hanging Out Fire Pit Story Time
Demo Hands Old Technology Close-up Human Hand One Person Presentation Real People Slideshow Story Time Technology
Story time preschool Storytelling Story Time Preschool Ohio, USA WomeninBusiness
A smokey day. Election day 2016. It is a very odd to mix everyday activities (visit the coffee shop), with important activities that are only done every year or two or four (lab work for insurance approval, voting) while carrying around the knowledge and visible proof that smoke from wildfires is filling the Hollers around my home. Hollers: small valleys. I thought maybe it was from hollows but no. In our Holler  I can hear people talking right outside my kitchen window - except they're a quarter mile away. A holler can be heard for miles in a holler. My Life Smoke Wildfire Story Time General Weirdness EyeEmNewHere
The end of an old story is the beginning of a new story! Indoors  Close-up Dark Light EyeEm Illuminated Illustration Illusions Story Time Story Photography Books Lamp Lighting Shadows & Lights The End Is Near  The Week On EyeEm Sommergefühle EyeEmNewHere Neon Life Investing In Quality Of Life Lost In The Landscape Second Acts Be. Ready.
Story Time Face Mask Artphoto Mask
Endlessness Spiral Staircase Desktop Chair Endless Black And White Photography Old Buildings Story Time Memories
Mask Streetphotography Face Mask Story Time
Point Of View Landscape View Flower Delicious Photography Passion Myworld Mystyle Moments Around Me Alwaysreadytoshoot Sicily Ragusa Ragusa Ibla Antique Story Time Architecture Beautiful EyeEm Best Shots
London Streetphotography Story Time Eye4photography  Taking Photos City Life Today's Hot Look Check This Out Discover Your City EyeEm Best Shots School Holidays EyeEmbestshots Cityscapes Enjoying Life
Abundance Indoors  Variation Still Life Collection Arrangement Close-up Choice In A Row Multi Colored Vibrant Color Shelf Focus On Foreground Order No People Full Frame Arranged Variety Books Library Perspective Learning Knowledge Story Time Vantage Point
Portrait Of A Woman Streetphotography Story Time Artphoto
Story Time Mask Face Mask Streetphotography
Story Time New Orleans Traveling Taking Photos The Amazing Human Body Holiday POV
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I just love being lost in pages... Reading A Book Stephen King Blackandwhite Great Moments Story Time ;-)
It had rained now for three days solid. But here it was a brief glimpse of the sun, everyone rushed out to feel the warm rays on there skin. How much longer could they live this way, not knowing when they could safely leave there humble dwellings. If it wasn't the incessant rain falling causing damage then it was the wildlife that had taken over the area in the ten year since what they refered to as the apocalypse. They could drown or be eaten. But on this rare time of bright warn sun, they had to take there chance and gather supplies to survive. The cities and towns they grew up in almost deserted, the foliage and wildlife had taken most of it over. Everything trying bitterly to survive in this new world. But they had to admit there was a certain beauty to it all. A beauty that would kill you if you weren't careful.... Getting Inspired Story Time Fictional Writing My Story Nikon D5200 Nature_collection Droplets, Water Droplets, Flowers  Water Droplets Eye4photography  Water_collection
Art Carving - Craft Product Close-up Creativity Efteling ,the Netherlands Farytaile Sprookjesbos Story Time
Castel Architecture Story Time Photo♡
Story Time Day Education Indoors  Librarian One Person People Real People Side View Sitting Story Time Student Young Adult Young Women The Portraitist - 2017 EyeEm Awards BYOPaper! The Portraitist - 2018 EyeEm Awards
It was so quiet, not like how he was used to this place. It was normally a hive of activity, people taking there kids to the park, to see the squirrels or to here the pond to feed the ducks, geese and swans. He looked at his watch again. That explained it, it was way to early for most. Only the ardent dog walkers where out taking there beloved pets for there Morning walk, probably before they have to lock up there dogs and head for work. He stood transfixed watching this one duck preen itself. He had no idea why this had him mesmerized so, but he found it relaxed him. He brought his camera up to his eye and began to adjust the manual focus, turning it to the left, when he thought it looked clear and right he took it slightly past to make sure, and as it became slightly distorted took it back ever so slightly. That was it. Snap, snap, snap he took three shots. Snap, snap. He was taken by surprise he hadn't pressed his shutter button. He looked up from his camera to see another person taking pic's right next to him. He hadn't even heard or noticed anyone approaching he had been so wrapped up in taking his own shots. He noticed as the camera came away from the face that she was a beautiful female. His shyness kicked in big style, but he managed to muster a smile at her. Please say something to me he was thinking in his head. If she speaks I would have to answer and then who knows. He began to raise his camera again to alleviate his sense of frustration at himself. As he adjusted his camera again he heard an angel speak....... Duck Face Friday My Words My Story Fictional Writing Story Time Alone With My Words Nikon D5200 EyeEm Nature Lover Nature_collection Don't Like Don't Follow
Campfire Stories Tales From Past Lives EyeEm Tadaa Community Untold Stories Story Time Standing Outside The Box  Playground Blackandwhite Eye4photography  Pt. 2 of 3 In the moment he picked her up, her mind separated from her body. She watched herself be carried, limp across his arms, through the darkness. Her body could feel the sensation of being held. Her mind hovered somewhere above them, following. Thinking, observing. She smiled. She knew where they were going. Her heart beating with overwhelming joy. He spoke then. "Your work is not yet finished," he said. "I have much for you to do. You will go home." She saw it then, the little bright light, like a single star in a black sky. Moving closer to it, her mind willing her hand to reach for it.....
Streetart Story Time Face Mask Mask
Mask Streetphotography Face Mask Story Time
Streetphotography Face Mask Mask Story Time
Black And White Baby Girl Story Time What I Value
Story Time That's Me Hello World Drink
A Bird's Eye View Babies Cute Baby Children Storytelling Story Time Reading To Baby Two Is Better Than One
Norwegian forest cat Cats Of EyeEm Norwegian Forestcat  Animal Themes Cat Close-up Domestic Animals Domestic Cat Feline One Animal Pets Portrait Story Time EyeEmNewHere The Week On EyeEm Pet Portraits Mix Yourself A Good Time
Books Reading Photography Streetphotography Story Time Cousins  Books Bookstore 4th Avenue Tucson Arizona  RePicture Masculinity
Story time with Cadance Eyeglasses  One Person Front View Headshot Portrait People Book Table Technology Childhood Day Smiling Only Women Indoors  Long Hair Real People Close-up Parenthood Showcase: December Showcase: December Daughter Story Time The Portraitist - 2017 EyeEm Awards Focus On The Story
Finally, the book is here. This is my second attempt to read this novel as the first time was a total disaster, mixing up the names, the characters and events. This time, I'm drawing a family tree of all the people to understand it better. Novel Book Reading Time Reading A Book One Hundred Years Of Solitude Gabriel Garcia Marquez Story Story Time
Mask Streetphotography Face Mask Story Time
He saw her standing there, looking out over a beautiful sunset. He knew it was her even from behind, there was something about her that was unmistakable. The way she stood, her hair blowing in the wind. Should he shout after her he wondered. He thought about it as he carried on walking towards her, his heart beginning to race. What would he say to her, they messaged each other all the time and enjoyed there conversations. But now they were about to meet, and he was terrified that his shyness would make what should be a great moment a pure nightmare for him. He took some deep breaths to steady himself, because now he was just a few feet away. Here he was faced with such a beautiful night sky, the type that takes your breath away and all he could focus on was this gorgeous lady infront of him. She was still watching the sights infront of her, his heart was now pounding out his chest. He was faced with the fight or flight response, his body and mind screaming run Forrest run, his heart n soul shouting grab her and hold on tight. He was now glued to the spot transfixed on her, fighting so hard to keep some sort of rational control as his emotions plagued him with self doubts. Which one was gonna win this day would he turn tails and run or take this bull by the horns and take the ride of his life?..... Story Time Fictional Writing My Story Sunset_collection Taking Photos Htc One M8 Photography Eye4photography  Photography Sunset Check This Out
Mask Streetphotography Face Mask Story Time
Teatro del 700.... Art Gallery Artphotography Story Time Pisa, Italy
There was an itch he couldn't reach, he knew he needed to scratch it to alleviate something inside him. But until he could work out what was bothering him, he'd have this constant wanting, needing inside of himself. What could he do? What was this need? Even if he knew could he really itch it? What was worse the not understanding his own need or the thoughts of would he be able to do anything if he did know? Would he be forever just swanning through life looking for an answer to a question he didn't fully understand anyway...... Taking Photos Wildlife Photography Wildlife & Nature Nikon D5200 Fictional Writing My Story Story Time Sunday Swanday Photography Swan Series
Story Time Face Mask Streetphotography Mask
RePicture Motherhood Babyboy Toilet Story Time Mommylife Mommasboy Mommylovesyou With My Mommy❤ Mommy & Baby Time <3 Pottytrained
Forest Forestwalk Girl Light Light And Shadow Nature Outdoors Spring Spring Colours Spring Has Arrived Spring Is Coming  Spring Time Spring! Springtime Story Story Photography Story Time Storytelling Tree Showcase April showcase:april Shamanic Journey
Streetphotography Face Mask Mask Story Time
The branch snapped as he grabbed it to hold himself up. He'd been running on empty for days now, tired, hungry and worn out. He was breathing hard sucking in air like it was gonna be his last taste of it. He had to keep going, keep moving, if he fell now he'd never get back up. His head and lungs screaming in pain, but he had a strong will to survive, stay alive. He had to find somewhere to rest, to recuperate a place he'd be safe even for a short while. He knew they'd catch his scent before long and track him. But if he could find water then that would make it harder for them. He started running again hoping not to leave anymore telltale signs he'd came that way..... My Story Fictional Writing Story Time Nikon D5200 EyeEm Nature Lover EyeEm Gallery Photography Nature_collection Taking Photos The Purist (no Edit, No Filter)
Mask Streetphotography Face Mask Story Time
Story Time Mask Face Mask Streetphotography
Story Time Face Mask Streetphotography Mask
He was tangled in a web of lies. He tried to be honest with himself, but hell he knew his life was a lie. But here he was still living it as best he could, some days it drove him to despair. He would think too much about all the things that could of been, should of been. His life wasn't bad by any long shot of the imagination. In fact it was pretty good, but he felt the need for more. A sense of he was destined for more, he'd asked God for clarity the wisdom to see what or where he should be going with his life, but no answers came. So he stopped believing and was just trudging through life hoping to stumble on the answer.....feeling forever tied to this life that he felt wasn't his..... Taking Photos Beach Photography Beach Scene  Fictional Writing Story Time My Story Getting Inspired Nikon Photography Don't Like Don't Follow
They flocked together to try and keep warm, this winter had been the worst in many years. drifting snow was causing havoc, they hadn't found it easy to find food. She looked at him and he knew straight away that if he couldn't find any food and soon she would collapse they both hadn't eaten in 3 days. Trying to avoid being seen by the new ruling government which were trying to hunt them down. There clothes worn and tattered, they had to steal in order to survive. What had this world come to since the cleansing's began 3 years ago, most of there friends had been rounded up and wiped out. If it wasn't the governments agents it was gang's that had took over certain area's. This was a rare time that a number of survivors had found each other, but they couldn't stay together long or they'd risk getting found and rounded up..... Wildlife Photography Wildlife & Nature EyeEm Nature Lover My Story Fictional Writing Story Time Bird Watching The Group Huddle Nikon D5200 Eye4photography
reading story book to my niece :) Story Time Reading My Niece
Kids Boys Paying Attention Story Time Look At Me Real Life People Photography Everyday Education
Most days he stayed in his own little cacoon, too shy to show himself, Yes he had to venture out he had a job to do but he was unnoticed. He went by people and he was almost invisible to them. This was great in one way, but like every up there has to be a down. Going unnoticed done nothing to help his self confidence, he disliked himself even though he had a good heart, he still considered himself a monster, a beast of sorts. Others that had taken the time to actually talk to him, they knew him to be kind, always there for others a selfless sort. But even they didn't know the half of how he really felt at times, because he'd never burden others with his nonsense, he considered himself there for them, not himself. His sensitive nature left him open at times, so he built up this image of himself. People saw him as arrogant perhaps, because he rarely spoke. But every time he tried coming out of his shell and growing like a mighty acorn, something inside said showing your true self is only ever gonna end in pain for someone. That someone is always at the end of the day gonna be you..... Taking Photos Eye4photography  Nikon D5200 My Story Fictional Writing Story Time Macro_collection Macro Photography Nature_collection Getting Inspired
Street Story Time Streetphotography Portrait Of A Woman