Local transport was completely shut down in Nashik during Kumbh Mela Shahi Snan 29th Aug, 15. Buses were stopped 30kms outside the city from there people were supposed to walk till the Ram kund. Lakhs and lakhs of people walked around 30-40kms to reach the Ram kund. Streetphotography Street Blackandwhitephotography Blackandwhite Life Highway Pictureoftheday Picoftheday Instadaily Instagood Puneclickarts Framing Framing Kumbhmela Faith Walkoffaith2015 Walkoffaith Betterphotography People PicturePerfect Picture _soi Indiaphotosociety Indian Incredibleindia god zenfone5 asus mobilephotography
It's all about taking the first step. Project: Black and white. Clicked at Kaas Plateau, Maharashtra. TPSAffinity Indiapictures Indiaphotosociety Blackandwhite Blackandwhitephotography Streetphotography Street Travellers Travellerslife Monochrome Betterphotography Vast Peaceful Punephotographylovers Puneclickarts Puneinstagrammers Punediaries Times Lonelyplanet Lonelyplanetindia @betterphotography @thephotosociety @indiapictures @lonelyplanetindia @shwetasharmama @puneclickarts @puneinstagrammers @hipa @shalinikashyap0108 @sidhant_gupta15 Kaas Maharashtra_ig Maharashtra
Veer dam Candycam Pune City Colour Of Life Noahcamera Barbiepink Puneclickarts Retroblack Punrdiaries Punekars Nature Mumbai Indian Pune Saswad Swapnilkale Candycamera Sreetphotography Hello World Photos HERO Taking Photos Enjoying Life Pune Cheese! Check This Out Relaxing IndiaNaad Dhol Taasha
Lavasa City Pune Lavasa Landscape_Collection Colourful Architecture Mobilephotography Pune Puneinstagrammers Puneclickarts Punediaries Puneshades Punephotographylovers Punevibes
... Life line Of THE... MEGA CITY.. AMCHI MUMBAI Mumbai Amazing Waycoolshots Bestshots Igs_world Igs_asia Ig_india Mumbaikars Mumbaimerijan Streetsofmumbai Awesomemumbai Pune Punediaries Puneinstagrammers Picoftheday Puneclickarts Visualauthority Cool_capture_ Oyeitsindia _oye _soi India_clicks Mumbailocal
Take the road less travelled and leave a trail. Clicked on the way to Hinjewadi village, Pune. Royalenfield Motorcycle Travellerslife Travellers Streetphotography Street Blackandwhite Blackandwhitephotography Road Roadtrip Indiapictures _soi TPSextreme TPSAffinity @betterphotography @magnumphotos Lonelyplanetindia Lonelyplanet Punephotographylovers Puneclickarts Puneinstagrammers Bikeride Bridge Maharashtra_ig Maharashtra Asus Mobilephotography monochrome 500cc @puneinstagrammers
Blackandwhite Blackandwhitephotography Photographyfortravellers Streetphotography Street People Friends Peace Streetphotography Traveller Travellers Travellerslife Pictureoftheday Picoftheday Instadaily Instagood Puneclickarts Punebytheday
Dolphins in action ... Bangkok Dolphin Bangkok Amazaingthailand Waycoolshots Bestshots Picoftheday Cool_capture_ Puneshades Punediaries Pune_instagrammers Puneclicks Puneclickarts Oyeitsindia _oye _soi Naturelovers Nature_brillance Natureporn Nature_perfect_day Nature_perfection Instacool Insta_vibrant Igs_photos Igs_asia_
It took 1hr and a few mins... To shoot this great white heron. And u know what it was worth the wait... 😍 BirdLovers Birds GreatWhiteHeron Nature Nature_sultans Nature_brillance Nature_perfection Nature_spotlight Natureporn Naturepornography Naturelovers Waycoolshots Igs_photo Igs_photos Puneclicks Puneclickarts Pune_instagrammers Great_capture_nature Wildlife_perfection Your_best_birds Animals_in_world
Bandra-worli sea link... N engineering marvel.. Part 2... In monochrome.. I can't seem to get enough of it Bandraworlisealink Mumbai Amchimumbai Mumbaistreets Mumbaineversleeps Amazing Waycoolshots Monochrome Bestshots Picoftheday Tagsforlikes Like4like Puneinstagrammers Punediaries Puneclickarts Visualauthority Oyeitsindia _oye _soi India_clicks India_91 Igers_india Igs_world
Everybody needs some alone time. Clicked at Kaas Lake in Maharashtra Streetphotography Street Traveller Travellerslife Pictureoftheday Blue Travellers Betterphotography Indiaphotosociety @betterphotography Weekend Getaway  Street Maharashtra_ig Maharashtra Puneinstagrammers Punediaries Puneclickarts Framing Canon 50mm Life Portrait Lonelyplanetindia @thephotosociety @indiapictures @lonelyplanetindia @angvishvish @shalinikashyap0108 @puneclickarts @puneinstagrammers
The beauty of the sea, the serenity of the waves, forgetting everything for a while and just being yourself. A place which never fails to fascinate. The Queen's Necklace. Nariman Point Mumbai Mumbaineversleeps Mumbaikars Bombay Mumbaistreets Awesomemumbai Amazingindia Igers_india Igs_asia Igs_world Waycoolshots Bestshots Visualauthority Instacool Insta_vibrant Instatravel Puneinstagrammers Punediaries Puneclickarts Photodrobe Photopport_unity Cool_picture_ Oyeitsindia _oye _soi mumbaidarshanAFadingWorldnarimanpoint
Earth Pic. Love Moments Cheese! Barbiepink Check This Out That's Me Sreetphotography Hhi Candycam First Eyeem Photo Candycamera Colour Of Life Kothale Nature Mumbai Indian Pune Eyeemphoto Taking Photos Two Is Better Than One Enjoying Life Naad Dhol Taasha Hello World Puneclickarts Punekars Swapnilkale Punrdiaries Woeld Retroblack
Amanora Pune Puneclickarts
Life is a dream ,realize it... Saswad Nature Mumbai Indian Pune Punekars Sreetphotography Punrdiaries First Eyeem Photo That's Me Check This Out Cheese! Pune Hi! Hello World Photos Taking Photos Relaxing Enjoying Life Retroblack Puneclickarts Noahcamera Barbiepink Pune City Candycam Candycamera Hanging Out mumbai ,india
Wen a storm is coming all other birds seek shelter, the eagle alone avoids the storm by flying above it. So In storms of life may ur heart soar like an eagle... Eagle Amazing Fauna Birdsofprey Pune Punediaries Puneinstagrammers Picoftheday Puneclickarts Visualauthority Waycoolshots Bestshots Tagsforlikes Like4like Cool_capture_ Oyeitsindia _oye _soi Nature Naturephotography Natureporn Nature Photography Photodrobe Photopport_unity Instacool insta_vibrantinstagoodinstatravel
Vscoindia Vscocam Inspiroindia Puneinstagrammers Puneclickarts Lonavaladiaries
A Man with the net.. All set fr his next catch...... Fisherman Amazingindia Incredibleindia Goa PickMyGoaPic Puneinstagrammers Picoftheday Puneclickarts Punediaries Ngma Insta_vibrant Instacool Visualauthority Oyeitsindia _oye _soi Instaready Cool_capture_ India_91 Instagood Instafamous Waycoolshots Bestshots Tagsforlikes Like4like
An old man with such a young smile... Was really happy when I showed him this picture Puneclickarts Pca_clickathon Rohan Sabhani Photography Nikon DSLR D5300 Bw Blackandwhite Old Man Filter Portrait Photography Instalike Insta Instagood Follow4follow Followme Likesforlikes Instadaily Photooftheday Photogrid Photos photographer perspective pune
Your dreams will always defeat your reality if you give it a chance. Blackandwhite Portrait Streetphotography People India Indiaphotosociety Indian TPSextreme @thephotosociety Canon 50mm PicturePerfect Picture Pictureoftheday Picoftheday Instadaily Instagood Puneclickarts Framing Eyes
Captured this frame while I was busy post processing some pictures from my last contract and she was busy gazing outside. It's said don't let yourself get blinded by the light. Lostinthought Abstract Blackandwhite Blackandwhitephotography Creativephotography Creative Framing Asus Zenfone5 Streetphotography Street People Lost Light Punediaries Illumination Indiaphotosociety Indiapictures Punephotographylovers Puneclickarts Puneinstagrammers Betterphotography Indiaphotos Lowkey  Lowlights girl wondering
Dusk in goa.... Afadingworld Afw_silhouette Amazingindia Incredibleindia Igers_india India_clicks Puneclickarts Instacool Insta_vibrant Instatravel Instagood Instaready Oyeitsindia _oye _soi Goa Visualauthority Sunset Dusk Puneinstagrammers Punediaries Waycoolshots Bestshots Rsa_light Dream_image picofthedayphotodrobephotopport_unityPickMyGoaPicartsunsets
A devotee being guided by his son to the Ram kund, Nashik, Maharashtra, where he would take a dip and wash away all his sins. Streetphotography Street Blackandwhitephotography Blackandwhite Life Instadaily Maharashtra_ig Pune People Photowalk Canon HIPAcontest Kumbhmela Kumbh Mahakumbh Faith Sacred Nashikdiaries Nashik Maharashtra Instagood Puneclickarts Framing Blackandwhite Indiaphotosociety indian betterphotography godavari walkoffaith2015 mobilephotography documentaryphotography indiaphotosociety
Simplicity is complex. It's never simple to keep things simple. Canon1200d Mahableshwar Clubmahindra Puneclickarts
Something innocent.. Instagram Instahub Child Puneclickarts Picoftheday Oyemyclick Aniketkanade
Amazing is the word..... Amazing Sea Water Oyeitsindia _oye _soiwalks _soi Waycoolshots Bestshots Igs_photos Igs_asia Picoftheday PickMyGoaPic Insta_vibrant Instacool Puneclickarts Punediaries Puneinstagrammers Nature Nature Photography Nature_perfection Landscape_lovers Naturelovers Natureporn Landscapelovers cool_capture_
Lavasa Dairies "Lavasa 1" "Love this Colours" Lavasa Pune Colours Ig_pune Puneinstagrammers Puneclickarts Punecity Smartcity
People Real People Portrait Happiness Standing Indoors  Cheerful One Person Smile ✌ EyeEmNewHere Low Angle View Eyeglasses  Cheese! Puneclickarts Nature Mumbai Indian Pune Color Photography India Instagood Instapic Spraying Inspirational Instagramer Special Day Lifestyles Creativity
Chapter: Pune Shaniwarwada (Śanivāravāḍā) is an 18th-century fortification in the city of Pune in Maharashtra, India. Built in 1746, it was the seat of the Peshwa rulers of the Maratha Empire until 1818, when the Peshwas lost control to the East India Company after theThird Anglo-Maratha War. Following the rise of the Maratha Empire, the palace became the center of Indian politics in the 18th century. The fort itself was largely destroyed in 1828 by an unexplained fire, but the surviving structures are now maintained as a tourist site. Pixlr Blackandwhite Indiaphotosociety ancient Punebytheday Wada Peshwa Snapseed Puneclickarts Monument History Traveller Travellerslife Pictureoftheday Picoftheday Instadaily Instagood _soi Incredibleindia Shivaji @puneclickarts @punebytheday @streets.of.india Maharashtra_ig Maharashtra Lonelyplanetindia
Shades of blue... Blue Lighthouse Shades Puneinstagrammers Puneclickarts Punediaries Nature Nature Photography Naturephotography Natureporn Waycoolshots Bestshots Oyeitsindia _oye _soi Tagsforlikes Like4like Ngma Igers_india Igs_asia Ig_india Cool_capture_ India_clicks Instatravel Insta_vibrant instafamousinstacool
Hard working man. Walking tall. EyeEm Best Shots EyeEmStreetshots EyeEm EyeEm Gallery Eyeemindia Eyeemphotography Puneclickarts Pune Pune City Street Vendor Walking Tall Indian National Flag Republic Day India Made In India Morning Stroll Pride Passion Transportation Mode Of Transport Land Vehicle Motorcycle Riding Cycling One Man Only One Person Adults Only Only Men People Adult
~CORAL ISLAND~ Coralisland Pattayabeach Thailand Waycoolshots Cool_capture_ Bestshots Instafamous Insta_vibrant Instacool Puneshades Punediaries Pune_instagrammers Pune_clicks Puneclickarts Naturelovers Nature_sultans Naturephotography Natureporn Nature_brillance Nature Photography Nature_perfection
Red Flowers Naturelovers Nature Photography Nature_collection Gulmohartree Morningview Upclose Street Photography Streetsofindia Puneclickarts Punediaries Pune City
Feed gettin greener 😛 Iiframe Lonavaladiaries Inspiroindia Vscocam Vscoindia Greeninmygrid Sopune Puneinstagrammers Puneclickarts
If only we stop by to admire the beauty in front of us. Lavasa Maharashtra_ig Maharashtra Punephotographylovers Puneclickarts Puneinstagrammers Streetphotography Street Blackandwhite Blackandwhitephotography Travellers Travellerslife Happytrip Lonelyplanet Lonelyplanet Betterphotography Indiapictures Indiaphotosociety _soi @puneclickarts @puneinstagrammers @lonelyplanetindia Nature
Leading lines. Clicked at New Jalpaigudi Railway station, West Bengal, India. Railway Corridor Leadinglines Photographyconcept Punephotographylovers Puneclickarts Puneinstagrammers Beautifuldestinations Betterphotography Indiapictures Indianphotosociety _soi Abstract Mobilephotography Asus Zenfone5 Photography101 Travellerslife Pictureoftheday Travel Travelphotography
In deep thoughts. I was sitting just beside her clicking pictures for around 10mins but she didn't even noticed. Streetphotography Street Blackandwhitephotography Blackandwhite Streetphotography Traveller Travellers Travellerslife Pictureoftheday Picoftheday Instadaily Instagood Puneclickarts Punebytheday Old People Photowalk Life Citylife Thoughts TPSextreme @thephotosociety Inspiroindia
The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet. ~Aristotle All you need is the "will". Quote Colorful Pune Punediaries Maharashtra TPSextreme Pictureoftheday Picoftheday Instadaily Instagood Puneclickarts Punebytheday Streetphotography Street Traveller Travellers Travellerslife Education Karma Puneinstagrammers @puneclickarts @betterphotography @punebytheday @indiaphotosociety @puneinstagrammers Aristotle Study Hardwork HardWorkPaysOff Sopune inspiroindia lonelyplanetindia
Only Men Men Retro RePicture Travel Real People People Standing Menwithclass Nature Mumbai Indian Pune Eyeglasses  Puneclickarts Communication Canonphotography Men At Work  Creativity Streetphoto_bw Spirituality Selective Focus Peoplephotography Praying People Of EyeEm Peace ✌ Silent Moment Simplicity Indian
Market Area Sajjangarh Fort. Sajjangarh meaning Fort of Good People, is located near the city of Satara India.It is the final resting place of Saint Ramdas in 17th century India (born 1606). Fort Maharashtra_ig Maharashtra Puneclickarts Punebytheday Framing Streetphotography Street Traveller Travellerslife Pictureoftheday Picoftheday Instadaily Travellers Betterphotography Indiaphotosociety @betterphotography Weekend Getaway  Street Market Photograph PicturePerfect Canon 50mm Life walk people @puneclickarts @myhappytrips @bsrsphotography puneinstagrammers punephotographylovers lonelyplanetindia
The reason birds can fly nd we can't is simply that they have perfect faith, for faith is necessary to have wings... Amazingindia Amazingcolor Amazing Trio Birds Fauna Puneinstagrammers Punediaries Puneclickarts Visualauthority Skyporn Blue Igs_world Igs_asia Ig_india Waycoolshots Bestshots Photopport_unity Photodrobe Oyeitsindia _oye _soi
Two Is Better Than One Pune City Eyeemphoto Barbiepink Retroblack Punrdiaries Nature Mumbai Indian Pune Punekars Colour Of Life Puneclickarts Naad Dhol Taasha Taking Photos Hhi Hello World Kothale Sreetphotography Cheese! Enjoying Life Candycam Swapnilkale That's Me Woeld Candycamera Check This Out First Eyeem Photo
It's not about the number of eyes in the fight. It's about the amount of fight in the eyes. Blackandwhite Blackandwhitephotography Portrait Framing Black White Street Streetphotography Traveller Travellerslife Picoftheday Pictureoftheday Instadaily Instagood Puneclickarts Framing Canon 50mm PicturePerfect Betterphotography @bamanerutuja10 @nachiket_shukla @bsrsphotography @tushkyy @rinkisarkar88 @ranodeepsen Intense Puneinstagrammers Punediaries Hipacontest_september
A father walking with his son and telling him fairy tales. Streetphotography Street Blackandwhite Blackandwhitephotography Father Son HIPAcontest Hipacontest_july Instadaily Instagood Tree Walk Instadaily Instagood Puneclickarts Punebytheday Streetphotography Traveller Travellerslife Pictureoftheday Picoftheday Instadaily Instagood Tree Framing
Reflection. Clicked during a photowalk at ARAI Campus Pune, India. Reflections Canon 50mm Streetphotography Street Color PicturePerfect Punebytheday Puneclickarts Reflection Instadaily Maharashtra_ig Maharashtra Puneinstagrammers Punediaries Pune Travellers Travellerslife Pond Calm People Creative Creativephotography Indianphotosociety Betterphotography @bamanerutuja10 @remyadityashah @ranodeepsen @puneclickarts @betterphotography @puneinstagrammers
Scenery Scenic View Coconut Trees Riverside NatureAndStructure Palmwoods Greenery Relaxing View Natureand Miles Away Beauty In Nature The Great Outdoors - 2016 EyeEm Awards Puneclickarts Original No Filter
Black and White. Nowhere to hide. Bnw_captures Puneclickarts Lonavaladiaries
Cutenessoverload Peru Inspiroindia Indiaclicks Indiapictures Puneinstagrammers Puneclickarts Vscocam Vscoindia Instagram Blackandwhite Bnw_captures Bnw_society
Colour Of Life Check This Out Cheese! Hello World Taking PhotosTaking Photos PhotosPune Enjoying Life Sreetphotography Candycamera Relaxing Punrdiaries Retroblack Puneclickarts Noahcamera Barbiepink Pune City Punekars Candycam Nature Mumbai Indian Pune Swapnilkale HERO Naad Dhol Taasha Saswad
Wen sky is the limit...... Skyporn Beautifull Amazing Puneinstagrammers Punediaries Puneclickarts Naturelovers Nature Nature Photography Nature_perfection Igs_asia Igs_photos Waycoolshots India_clicks Cool_capture_ Insta_vibrant Instacool Oyeitsindia _oye _soi PickMyGoaPic Picoftheday Landscape_lovers Landscape_perfection