|| শুভ চতুর্থী || (Subho Chaturthi) . . Durgapuja PujaCommences BongFestival Festivalsofindia FestivalsOfKolkata Lonelyplanetindia LPIndia LPInstaTakeover Yellow ThinkYellowThinkIdea AirtelPandalRun Kolkata_igers Calcutta Kolkata _cic _soi Onlyinbengal Sokolkata Indiapictures _pinup Myhallaphoto
Uki jhuki... aj তৃতীয়া (Tritiya) Pujo ashei galo...Just waiting for the actual day to begin the Puja Madness !!! Durgapujo Maa Aschen Bong Festival Festivalsofindia FestivalsOfKolkata Calcuttadiaries Calcutta Kolkata Calcuttacacophony Kolkata_igers Ig_calcutta Streetsofcalcutta Onlyinbengal _soi _cic Sokolkata Lonelyplanetindia LPInstaTakeover LPIndia
|| শুভ পঞ্চমী || (Subho Panchami) . . Durgapuja PujaCommences DurgaPuja2015 BongFestival Bong Festivalsofindia FestivalsOfKolkata IndianFestivals Calcutta Kolkata Kolkata_igers Ig_calcutta Calcuttacacophony Onlyinbengal _soi _cic Streetsofcalcutta Lonelyplanetindia LPInstaTakeover Lonelyplanet LPIndia LPO Festival India Photography everydaykolkata
Ak chilte alo... (A little bit of sunlight) . . Durga Maa Durgautsov IAmDurgautsov AirtelPandalRun ThinkYellowThinkIdea Ig_calcutta Ig_kolkata Calcutta Kolkata Kolkata_igers Calcuttacacophony _soi _cic Soc Onlyinbengal Indiapictures Indianstories Indianfestival BongFestival Everydaykolkata Lonelyplanetindia LPIndia LPInstaTakeover
|| শুভ নবমী || Theme Puja - 3 Location - Mahanirban Sangha . . Durgapuja DurgaPuja2015 ThemePuja AirtelPandalRun Lonelyplanetindia LPIndia LPInstaTakeover Ig_calcutta Kolkata_igers Onlyinbengal Sokolkata _cic _soi Myhallaphoto _pinup Canon Vscoindia Vscocam VSCO
Phanushi Night !! Want to experience a Phanushi evening and celebrate Pre-Diwali ?? Then join us tomorrow 7/11/15. Venue: Vivekananda Park Time: 5:30-6p.m Spread the word!! Happy Clcking !! We are doing this for a social cause that is a step towards sound pollution that we get by firing sound crackers. So our initiative is to spread love and celebrate Diwali through these Sky Lantern and reduce the pollution :) Pic courtesy : @mayukh.das For more details contact @mayukh.das @rd_storiesofclicks Indiameets Igersmeet FeelFreetojoin Phanush Skylantern PhanushiNight Kolinstameet LPWithDiwali LPInstaTakeover LPIndia Ig_calcutta Ig_kolkata Kolkata Calcutta _soi _cic
|| শুভ মহাসপ্তমী || Location - Tridhara Sammilani Theme Puja - 2 . . Durgapuja DurgaPuja2015 ThemePuja ThinkYellowThinkIdea Lonelyplanetindia LPIndia LPInstaTakeover Ig_calcutta Myhallaphoto _pinup _cic _soi Indiaclicks Ig_india Kolkata_igers Kolkata Calcutta Calcuttacacophony Onlyinbengal Sokolkata Canon VSCO Vscocam Vscoindia Everydaykolkata iamdurgotsav
|| শুভ মহালয়া || (Subho Mahalaya) . . Mahalaya Debipokkhersuchona MaaDurga Hindu Bong Biggest Festival Durgapuja Festivalsofindia FestivalsOfKolkata Lonelyplanetindia LPInstaTakeover LPIndia Indianstories Ig_kolkata Calcuttacacophony _soi _cic Onlyinbengal Everydaykolkata ThinkYellowThinkIdea AirtelPandalRun Canon Vscocam Yellow BongFestival IndianFestivalMyHallaPhoto MyPixelDiary Indiapictures
|| Lakkhi o Ganesh || Lakkhi or Lakshmi Pujo is celebrated in most of the houses today. It is also known as Kojagori Lakkhi Pujo. LakkhiPujo LakhsmiPujo Ganesh LakhsmiPujo2015 Kojagori Peace FestivalOfIndia FestivalOfKolkata Sokolkata Calcutta Kolkata Ig_calcutta Kolkata_igers Calcuttacacophony Onlyinbengal _cic Canon VSCO Vscocam IAmDurgotsav Lonelyplanetindia LPIndia LPInstaTakeover
It's time for the 'Pradip' to be extinguished and again wait for next year to be lit up again... ▪ ▪ আসছে বছর আবার হবে ▪ ▪ || শুভ বিজয়া'র প্রীতি ও শুভেচ্ছা || বড়দের আমার প্রণাম, ছোটদের ভালবাসা । . . Durgapuja DurgaPuja2015 BidAdieu Farewell TheresNoGoodbye LPIndia LPInstaTakeover Lonelyplanetindia _cic _soi Onlyinbengal Everydaykolkata Ig_calcutta Kolkata_igers MuPujaDiary Comehometopujo Sokolkata Calcuttacacophony Myhallaphoto Canon VSCO Vscocam Vscoindia 1×1 Squareframe
Bokeh Series - 3 Bokeh Bokehlicious Defocused Lghts Diwali DiwaliwithLP LPI LPInstaTakeover Lonelyplanetindia LPIndia G_calcutta Ig_kolkata Kolkata_igers
|| Subho Mahasashti || Official Pandal Hopping kicks off !! Theme Puja - 1 Kashi Bose Lane North Kolkata . . Durgapuja ThemePuja Pandalhopping AirtelPandalRun Calcutta Kolkata Ig_calcutta Myhallaphoto Kolkata_igers Lonelyplanetindia LPIndia LPInstaTakeover Onlyinbengal DurgaPuja2015 Lights Shades Canon VSCO Vscocam Vscoindia Sokolkata _soi _cic Everydaykolkata
Bokeh Series - 2 Bokeh Bokehlicious Defocused Ig_calcutta Ig_kolkata Calphotos Diwali Lights LPIndia Lonelyplanetindia LPInstaTakeover DiwaliwithLP Deepavali  November