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Goodmorning Iwokeuplikethis Justlikethis Sigh Myworld I admit that these LilCrazies get on my last nerves... They test my patience and think it's funny! Cleaning with them around is LikeBrushingYourTeethWhileEatingOreos ! I rarely get a moment to myself, even to go to the bathroom! I've sacrificed my dreams and goals for these PreciousLittleBrats . Someone always wants me to "I hold you!" They don't eat what I cook them only to want something dumb like dry cereal, but then will eat everything off my plate! They scream and cry and whine for no reason or else the reason makes no sense at all! "Skywer won't eat this green bean even though I don't want to eat it either!" WhatDoesThatEvenMean All that being said, Iwokeuplikethis ... I didn't feel like Beyonce, I felt much more blessed. It was one of those HeyLookWhatICanDo ANDDID kind of moments that God loves to hand us. One of those "look Betweenthelines " moments... These babies are Myentireworld and I am so Beyondblessed that GodChoseMe to be their Vessel into this world, their Tourguide to the future and their Mentor to get through it all! Parents... Take these tiny little Cherishedmoments and don't take them for granted. EmbraceThem . Letthembelittle and LetThemNeedUs because we all know, ItWontBeLikeThisForLong ! And RealityCheck ... WeNeedThemJustAsMuch! They make life so difficult A LOT of the time but LifeWouldBeSoMuchMoreDifficultWithoutThem... ThankYouGod MyBlessings MyLifeInAPicture