Heart of rest

Are you really at rest? To be at rest, to be free from worries doesn't yield from sitting home on cosy couch with easy chores. The other day I saw an advert while commuting, it said "stressless chair and recliner." These products may offer us physical comfort and a relief at present but can't add any cheer to our heart. "A cheerful heart has a continual feast." Pain and comfort can't dwell together, alike rejoicing and stress can't exist together, one'll outwit the other. Hence why the great Apostle Paul wrote "rejoice in the Lord always." Even when His hand and foot where bound by chains fasten in the stocks he said "rejoice." Even when he felt the sentence of death, got struck down, pressed down, persecuted; abandoned yet He wrote "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Therefore being stress free is an attitude of our mind. You may be at a state of physical rest just like the boat on the port but if your boat is not moored, the boat is gonna sway away from rest as the wave comes in. The same is the case for each one of us in every real life situation. The troubling waves can strike us, even when our body is at rest. For this reason an attitude of rest and peace is what we need, and it can only be found in Christ. As the scripture says "We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure." Where there is firm hope, worries can't exists. Take hold of the hope in Jesus Christ as He is near to each one our hearts. Accept Him as the Son of God into your lives. He came to take the disgrace away with His amazing grace showered upon the whole world, that grace is available to all who believe in Him. Believe Anchor Firm Immovable Unshakeable Heart Of Rest Peace Joy Feast Jesus Christ Boat Hope Salvation  Grace