raylee's first time playing with a soccer ball she loved it Hanging Out Taking Photos Check This Out Hi! Enjoying Life Dogs Of EyeEm Dogslife Dog Workingbreed Photooftheday Petsagram Dogsofinstagram Petsofinstagram Weeklyfluff Petsmart Excellent_dogs Picoftheday Pitbullsofinstagram Bullylifetv Photography F4F Love Hello World Pitmixagram Excellent_puppies
Can't wait to put Roxie on bully max. - - [ Follow my partners @borderbullies @cutie_the_black_lab @tinkthekelpiecollie & @milointhemiddle_ ] - - Excellent_dogs Bullymax Bullylifetv OURPITPAGE Pitmixagram Pitbullsofinstagram Bordercollie  Bordercolliemix Bordercolliesofinstagram Petsofinstagram Workingbreed Borderbullies Photooftheday Instagood Love
I often get asked what I feed my dogs and why they are so muscular without supplements and the answer is Wellness Core but my dogs also get atleast an hour of exercise a day if you want results for your dog I suggest exercise and a very high in protein food source. - - [ Follow my partners @lovethelab @cutie_the_black_lab @tinkthekelpiecollie & @milointhemiddle_ ] - - Bullymax Bullylifetv Darkdynastyk9s OURPITPAGE Pitbullsofinstagram Pitmas Dogstagram Dogsofinstagram Weeklyfluff Workingdog Workingdogs Workingbreed Pitmixagram Pawtervention Petsofinstagram Photography Photooftheday Love Instagood
roxie playing in the snow Hanging Out Taking Photos Check This Out Relaxing Enjoying Life Hi! Bullylifetv Pitbullsofinstagram Bordercolliesofinstagram Bordercollie  Bordercolliemix Picoftheday Excellent_dogs Instagood Petsmart Weeklyfluff Petsofinstagram Labsofinstagram Dogsofinstagram Petsagram Photooftheday Workingbreed Dog Dogslife Dogs Of EyeEm
raylee Pitbullsofinstagram Relaxing Check This Out Hanging Out Excellent_puppies Pitmixagram Bullylifetv Hi! Photography Weeklyfluff Petsmart Excellent_dogs Photooftheday Workingbreed Dogs Of EyeEm Petsagram OURPITPAGE
best friend Check This Out Taking Photos Hello World Hi! Bullymax Dogsofinstagram Dogs Of EyeEm Dog Dogs Dogslife Excellent_dogs Weeklyfluff Dog Love Pet Photography  Workingbreed Relaxing Pets Of Eyeem Bordercolliesofinstagram Picoftheday Love F4F Bordercolliemix Excellent_puppies Enjoying Life Tagsforlikes
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