4th fastest male (so far!) at Toughsht πŸ˜€ nice course - not so nice hills.... But great fun! The money goes to helping Wateraid in their efforts so very worthwhile entering and having fun! The marshalls were all very encouraging and supportive too! Ocr Trailrunning Run 10k Fitfam Obstaclecourserace Muddyrace Mud Race Ocrfamily Veganrunner
Feel obliged to demolish this after today's training! Mixed frozen berries, banana and coconut water 😍 Smoothie Berries Fitfood Recoverydrink Vegan Veganrunner Coconutwater
Recovery/testing-my-pulled-groin sorta run. Not as bad as expected and not too much pain 😁 great success πŸ‘ also, if you don't listen to Santaesmeralda Dontletmebemisunderstood on repeat when running then you're doing it wrong 😜 Run 10k Recoveryrun Yogging Tomtomrunner Veganrunner Runningtime