Praise God

Oh make music with instruments and sing to the Lord a new song. A song of salvation, a song of gladness, a song of celebration and hope coming from a joyful heart. Music plays a major role in many cultures it often determines their way of living. The power of music is beyond our minds, it brings healing, it can change our mood; takes our minds to a new world. Choose the right tracks and tunes! The music that we listen to can either help us to build a good character or make us more selfish, prideful, and envious. James, a servant of God wrote “Is anyone cheerful? Let him sing praise.” I tell you we can be cheerful always for the salvation that Jesus Christ brought to us by His precious blood. No saviour has given himself to redeem His own creation. And no God promises love, forgiveness, salvation, and eternal life just by believing in Him. The wrath of God was poured out on the Son of God at cross and showered His unfailing love to us. God gave His best to the worst, and made the least to sit among with the finest. Therefore we can't stop praising Him because their is a burning fire in our hearts from the Holy Spirit and we can't resist it. Make Music Sing Instruments Melodious Celebration Praise God Cheerful Joyful Believe Son Of God Listen Salvation  ‭