Tri state Spartan. 81st OCR. 24th of the year. Best last year's time by 23 minutes, even in a downpour. Ocr Ocrunited Spartanrace Spartansuper2015 Spartansuper Tristatespartan Tristatespartanrace Tristatespartansuper Hyletecompeteteam Teamcorepower Eatnuttzo Buffalo Buffalony Buffalonewyork 716 Wnyocrfreaks Icebug Cepcompression Skins
Spartan super. My 73rd OCR, 3rd of the weekend and 2/3of the way to my 2nd trifecta of 2015 15th spartan Ocr Ocrunited Ocrgear Teamcorepower Hyletecompeteteam Eatnuttzo Spartanracecanada Spartansuper2015 Canada Buffalo Buffalony Wnyocrfreaks Icebug Skins Reebok Brimacombe Brimacombeski Spartan Spartanrace
OCR70 for me. Palmerton Palmertonsuper . Spartanrace Spartansuper2015 Pennsylvania Ocr Ocrunited Ocrgear Eatnuttzo Teamcorepower Hyletecompeteteam Buffalony Buffalo Wnyocrfreaks Icebug 2XU Skins Mountains Bluemountainskiresort
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