Just crushes some sandbag hill repeats. That hill is deceiving. Icebug zeals are the shiznit. Amazing grip in both snow and mud. And water resistant. Dry feet after..highly recommended. Ocrgear Ocr Ocrunited Teamcorepower Hyletecompeteteam Eatnuttzo Spartanrace Warriordash Battlefrog Savagerace Indianmudrun OCRWC Gladiatorrocknrun
Last year was amazing. So much so I signed up right away after the race for this year. Today it officially became official...I'm back for year 2. Ocr Ocrunited OCRWC Ocrworldchampionship Hyletecompeteteam Teamcorepower Eatnutzo FitmarkFireworks Fitmark Warriordash Spartanrace Savagerace Gladiatorrocknrun Indianmudrun Wnyocrfreaks CMM Cepcompression Skins Icebug Inov8 Buffalo Buffalony Ocrgear
Gladiator rock n run in Pittsburgh. OCR 27 of 2015 and 84 overall. Ocr Ocrunited Hyletecompeteteam Teamcorepower Eatnuttzo Gladiatorrocknrun Gladiatorrocknrun2015 Gladiatorrockandrun Inov8 Cepcompression Skins Buffalo Buffalony Buffalonewyork Pittsburgh Steelcityraceway Wnyocrfreaks Mudrace Mudrun
Who is this guy? Ohhh I know him. Ocr Ocrunited Gladiatorrocknrun2015 Gladiatorrocknrun Hulkamania Hulkamaniac Buffalo Buffalony Buffalonewyork Ocrgear Cepcompression Skins Hyletecompeteteam Teamcorepower Eatnuttzo